When to Drink Shakeology

by Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Choosing when to drink your Shakeology is all about personal preference.  You can use it as a full meal replacement load it with a bunch of ingredients bring itup to about 300 calories, or you can use it with less add-ins and keep it around 140-200 calories for a snack.  But really WHEN to drink it is whatever works for you.

I would suggest trying out a couple different options.  Maybe one week drink it for breakfast, and then the next do it for lunch, the week after that maybe try it out as a snack.  But keep documentation of how you feel the days based on when you drink it.  The best thing about Shakeology is that it isn’t just a protein shake it does so much FOR your body that you really have to listen to your body and respect how it reacts. I’d just like to share some things that I’ve realized over my time of drinking Shakeology & how my body reacts.

1.  I used to ALWAYS drink my Shakeology for breakfast.  I was NEVER a breakfast eater, which of course we all know is so bad for the body and for weight loss and being healthy in general.  So when I started drinking Shakeology it was the perfect breakfast for me.  It kept me full through the morning until lunch and I knew that I was giving my body the nutrition and vitamins it needed right away.

2.  If I would get to work and realize I forgot my lunch for the day, I’d substitute the breakfast shake for lunch.  Which was fine, but the problem ended up being that I hadn’t planned my breakfast either.  So of course, when I would save my shake for lunch, I usually wouldn’t eat breakfast. – Eh, wrong.  It was totally satisfying enough for lunch, but since I had skipped breakfast, I was usually hungry about 1-2 hours immediately after my lunch shake.

3.  I found out that I LOVED Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast.  Awesome nutrition, whole grains, and loaded with protein for a great morning start.  So I began testing out Shakeology for my afternoon snack.  I have been doing this now for a couple of weeks, and I can honestly say that this has been the best decision for me.  I am a victim of the “2:00 pm crash.” I feel like when I had that “crash” I would leave work, and go home and want to just sleep, I wasn’t ready to play with my kids or anything, I just wanted to lay low and rest.  No matter what it is, I have that shake about 1:30 – 2:00 and I’m so energized, I never have that crash anymore.  Now, I come home totally energized, we play, cook dinner, and I get to be involved with my family 100% all night.

I did write this today, because I had a breakfast shake instead of my snack one today because I just wanted it right away in the morning (hey sometimes a girl just craves Shakeology!!!).  When 1:30 came, I was down and yawning and tired.  So, listening to my body I know that what is right for me, is breakfast, snack, lunch, Shakeology for snack! :)

So – Question is, what is the best time of day for you to drink your Shakeology?

3 Responses
  • Nichole
    April 6, 2011

    Thanks so much for sharing this :) I agree, sometimes a girl just wants her Shakeology!

  • Aimee Surette
    April 6, 2011

    I love it! I have found the same thing! I love to have Shakeology for breakfast on my mornings when I have to head out early & don’t have time to sit down to eat, but every other day I prefer it in the afternoon as a snack to give me my boost to get through the rest of the day!

  • Jennifer Burgess
    April 7, 2011

    I usually have mine as my mid-afternoon munchie. :) Love it!