What do you teach your kids?!

by Thursday, February 10, 2011

I dont know how many times I can really reiterate that I might be a lot of things, I might do a lot of things, I might take a lot on, but above all – I’m a mom. Being a mom will always be my number 1 priority and everything that I do is for my children and my family.  Of course everything that I do is going to rub off on my kids and here are a couple of things that have already rubbed off and they’re HOOKED!

That is my daughter Macy. In this video she was 17 months old. My kids spend a lot of time seeing me work out, hearing me talk about Turbo Fire and of course it is just going to click.  She is so cute when she’s jumping around and throwing punches left and right while mom works out.  Now, 95% of my workout time is while my kids are asleep for 2 reasons 1) I want my time with my kids to be my time WITH my kids, not spent doing something else and 2) It’s MY time haha!!!! But, of course when I knock out a quick Turbo Fire workout, Miss Macy loves to get down with Chalene Johnson.

Secondly, here is my son Hunter (4 in this video).

Now I think that this video shows that what I do rubs off on my kids.  And I thought that sharing this video with you is important because it shows that what I’m doing has a lot to do with what I want for my kids.  I want my kids to grow up with a healthy outlook and healthy lifestyle.  I eat healthy, I drink Shakeology, I exercise.  My kids are ME, and they are going to learn only the best from me!

So those are a few quick clips of my babies! I thought that these 2 videos show that what you do affects your kids.  So think about those little eyes that are always watching and learning from you and ask yourself if you are making the right decisions for you and for your kids!

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