True American Gut Check

by Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preface: This is NOT a political post. I am NOT sharing my views on the election results. I am NOT stating my support of either candidate.  This is a real American gut check.

 I steered clear of social media on Election Day, the best that I could, because the amount of negativity swirling around in anticipation of election results was astounding. Maybe I should’ve posted this yesterday. Would it have helped to keep a fire from spreading? Who knows… But, I knew that yesterday was only the beginning; it was about to get much worse before it can get better.

There are a lot blog posts and articles floating around today on social media filled with fear and angst. I wish it were different, but I know that this post isn’t going to be read and shared like the others. Because right now we as a country don’t want to focus on what’s really happening around us. We just want to “tell everyone and everything how we truly feel because that’s our right.” #UGH We, as a nation, are divided. Yet, each side is to blame because no matter what side we are on it’s a fight. It’s a fight to say why this is the end for our country. It’s a fight to say why America is going to be great again. Both sides are creating a gaping hole in between each other. But the question we should be asking ourselves is how can I fill the hole?


I sat back this morning and literally said, “WTF” when I saw multiple Facebook posts asking: “How do I explain this to my children?” Or “I’m going to hug my kids so tight this morning because I hate what they have for their future”. Really? Are these questions that we are truly asking ourselves right now? What I had going through my head was how grateful I am that my children are not exposed to social media. What I did ask myself was: How do I explain to them the name-calling and disregard for common decency that they could be hearing when they’re not with me.

I’m not here to toot my own horn (well, maybe a little #Wink), but my husband and I are raising some pretty great kids. I can’t control everything they hear, see, and do, but I do value teaching them kindness, love, & respect, for each other, for us as parents, and for others, young and old. And today of all days, when we as Americans, as human beings, should be teaching our children the value in being a free country, the rights that we have, the democratic process, the importance of those that stand up and fight for us… what are we doing? We are wasting time fighting, tearing people down, derogatory name-calling, and “unfriending” on Facebook because someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you? What are we teaching our children then?

It’s time for a true American gut check.

Have you said things that you may regret in the future? Have you hurt a relationship because someone didn’t say the “right” thing on social media? Has your child heard you talk derogatorily about Trump or Clinton? Have you name called, put down, or even just walked around in disgust today?

I’m not going to be hugging my children for fear of our country… I’m going to be reminding them that there are good and positive people in this world. Sometimes you just need to look deeper than what is on the surface. I can only hope and pray that this time of division is short lived and soon we can start focusing on positive light, love & respect for one another.