This Is Feel

by Friday, November 11, 2016

Looking good isn’t about how you look – it’s a feeling

~ Instagram Bio.

This is Feel

Feel is a beauty brand, but their core purpose is to turn a daily beauty regiment into something that feels good physically and emotionally. Seems a little intense for a beauty brand right? I thought so too at first, but as I read more into their story I was hooked. I wanted to get involved with this company because what they tell in their brand, I hope for each and every woman that I work with, talk to, and share blogs with will feel in her life as well.  This is what Feel is all truly about.

This Is Feel


All right all right, I’ve expressed the core purpose and feeling behind Feel, but what is it in a tangible sense? They are high quality beauty products without sulfates or silicones, never tested on animals, and all natural ingredients. There are currently 4 products available for purchase:


Beachy: Texturizing, Beachy, Styling Spray for your gorgeous hair

Beachy spray helps give my naturally wavy hair a little “tame down” service when I spray on air dried hair. The only thing I wasn’t excited about, is that it left my hair feeling a little “sticky” and crispy but it’s hard to find a styling product for my “curls” that doesn’t leave it that way.


Glowing: Self-tanning mousse that works with your skin to create and sustain Melanin

I am not big on self-tanners. If I need some color in the winter I usually just get a spray tan (or don’t haha) but the reason why I don’t use them is because I’m terrible at application and I hate when it’s left orange and streaky. Enter Feel Glowing mousse.. No streaks, so easy to apply, and after 5 minutes I wasn’t sticky, smelly or rubbing off on clothing. 2 Thumbs Up!

This is feel

Refreshed: All in one face spritz. Minimize pores, tones, hydrates, and sets makeup

I’ve used the spray to set my makeup and it goes on very lightly. Sometimes I feel like I feel “wet” after a setting spray for awhile, but this one does not.


Brilliant: Detoxifying charcoal mask made out of bamboo fiber

This is my favorite of all products. The charcoal mask is not a charcoal “sticky” product that you wipe on. IT is an actual mask with the charcoal and fibers in the product that you simply place on your face for about 30 minutes and take off when the time is up. It doesn’t harden or stick to your face making it painful to pull off. My favorite product from the line, hands down!

this is feel



Exclusive Discount

This is Feel. I’m in love with this brand and I hope to be able to work with them more in the future. How awesome are they to give us a 10% discount on your purchase? Try out Feel with this Discount!

Keep an eye out on this brand because I believe there will be more coming down the pipeline from Feel. Always remember, to FEEL your Beauty!


I received these products free from Feel Beauty in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on my experiences. #Smile.