Things I’ve learned in 30 years

by Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today I say goodbye to 30, and hello to 29. #wink Wouldn’t that just be incredible to be able to choose any age we want and turn it around to regain our youthfulness? Maybe not all the time… but I could live with 29 or 30 again. Okay fine, I’m 31 today – it’s my BIRTHDAY and I look at June 30th as not only a day to celebrate everything I love about ME, but it’s also the halfway point of the year and that’s pretty heavy too, it’s time to reflect and renew ya know?… So I’ve knocked em out… Lets talk about some of the things I’ve learned in 30 years….

Things I learned in 30 years

Do You – don’t let anyone tell you what’s right or wrong about you and what you love.. do you and BE the best fucking you there is

There’s nothing wrong with being “basic” – as long as you’re not following the crowd & it makes you feel cozy & happy

Don’t be a Bitch – plain & simple… Yes, sometimes we need to “tolerate” and deal with people or situations that we don’t like, but just keep smiling & nod…

Express Yourself – cue Madonna… Want purple hair? (Done) Need a new tat or piercing? (Get it) Love the 90s hip hop & not afraid to hide Dr Dre’s F-Bombs? (Rap that shit)

Journal & Yoga – no discussion.. just do it, I promise you whatever is taking up space in your brain, will work itself out with these little tools

Perfection Does NOT exist – not in your relationship, in your parenting, on your body, in your clothing style.. it just doesn’t… stop trying to achieve it.

#SuperMom is Bullshit – Mom life is hard. Plain & Simple… Don’t try to do it all, SuperMom is a fictional character made up in some man’s mind…

#LOVEYMom is the Bomb – Tell them every damn day how much you love them.. kiss, hug and embarrass the shit out of them while you’re at it

Comparison is the Root of All Evil – She isn’t more successful than you… Her car isn’t better than yours… She doesn’t get more loving than you… Use it to INSPIRE you to reach what you want not to tear you down and feel like you’re not worthy…

Never say “No” for a Mirror Image – that girl in the mirror that ate too many donuts, or had too many glasses of wine last night that you’re talking down to and hating and promising you’re not going to do that again.. she lived life in that donut and wine.. never stop living life.

Hold on to Your Power – Make your decisions based on YOU and your choices… Someone else should NEVER take your power away from you

Follow your Intuition – think you want to move across the country to start fresh? Go for it… Ready to take on that side hustle and make it your dream job? DO IT…

Support Your Girl Gang – this is “IRL” (aka, in real life), behind your computer, in the workplace.. EVERY WHERE… It is SOOOO 2009 to take other women down for their ideas, thoughts, choices, and actions. #GirlGang

Buy Yourself Flowers – … or diamonds or workout attire or designer handbags…

Crying is Sometimes Necessary – Own it.. Get it out.. Put some lipstick on & move on…

Exercise will not kill you – it might suck badly for a little while… but I promise it’ll help you live longer.

Shut Down the Shit – People are going to hate on everything you choose to do in life, ESPECIALLY when it involves you changing for the better… shut that shit down and refer back to “DO YOU”

Your Trials are Only Prepping You to be a Badass – Simple as that.

Diets Suck – stop detoxing and cleansing and cutting sugar and hell – do not ever listen to the person that tells you that you can’t have a glass or bottle of wine… Balance it and live smart

Adulting is the SHIT… – it might suck from time to time.. I might want to build a fort and color all day… I might drown myself in a goblet of Pinot Noir some nights.. but this is life and we make our decisions and that feels pretty damn good…

There it is… just a few things I’ve learned in 30 years.. Now it’s your turn! What do you got? What are some of your favorite “life lessons”?