The Universe Has My Back

by Saturday, May 13, 2017

Current situation: Saturday morning, writing in the sunshine on my deck, coffee within reach, and the birds singing. #BlissfulAF After what always seems like the “longest winter ever” these moments are the ones that I bask in fully and am forever grateful for.

I woke up early this morning (thanks to falling asleep at 9:30 on a Friday night) and went straight outside with my coffee. The last week I have been embracing these gorgeous mornings. I pull up my Audible app on my phone and listen to a chapter of The Universe Has Your Back and follow up with a 10-15 minute guided meditation from Gabriel Bernstein (yeah I’m on a little Gabby kick lately no big deal). I’ve never been good at meditating so it’s something that I’ve really had to practice and break myself of the fear to fully embrace my inner self and the Universe. After a couple of weeks I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it and I’ve slipped into a spiritual journey of sorts. It’s funny because I have told myself so many times that I’m “on this path” and I’m “listening to the Universe but she’s not answering me”. I can admit now that I wasn’t fully surrendering. I wasn’t hearing anything because I wasn’t fully trusting and listening. But now, UNIVERSE if you’re reading this.. I’m here, I’m listening and I’m ready.

Universe Meditation

Earlier in the week during meditation I asked the Universe for a sign. I have done this before and it was a star. I wanted to see stars to remind me that I was on my journey but because I wasn’t inwardly (or outwardly for that matter) taking it all in, I was getting nothing. Maybe I wasn’t on the right path at that time and that’s why or I just wasn’t fully ready to be shown, who knows. But this week I asked for a new sign. I was sitting in meditation with my heart lifted towards the sun and the birds singing around me and I asked the Universe to show me a bird. Now that may seem counter intuitive since I was meditating outside and there were birds all around me, but I knew that when the bird I needed to see showed up it would feel different.

This morning while sipping coffee a Chickadee landed within 2 feet of me. It stopped and stared at me for a few moments, hopped to the deck railing, and when the dog stood up, took off in flight. It reminded me of a moment yesterday as I was sitting in the sun on my in-laws deck and a Chickadee landed next to my feet, stared at me and flew (what seemed like) directly at me and I ducked in fear. I see Chickadees land on our bird feeder outside the living room window every day, but it wasn’t until this morning when I really saw that Chickadee and thought about the Chickadee yesterday. I remembered a video that I watched this week from Gabby on Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions, and that she was intrigued by the spiritual meaning of the turkeys she saw out of her window. So I of course went to Google and typed in: spiritual meaning of chickadee. What I found blew me away… It couldn’t have been more of a smack in the face of who I am, where I’m going and what I want, than if the damn Chickadee had literally smacked me in the face.

Universe Meditation

Photo Cred: Google Images, Wikipedia

The Universe Has My Back..

I am prepared and open fully to know that I’m on this path right now for a reason. I have finally reached the connection with the Universe and myself and am ready to move forward with light and love. After reading the article on the Chickadee I sat back, looked up at the sun and said.. “holy fuck Universe… You nailed it”. I asked for a bird and I was given the Chickadee. What really cracks me up is that I asked for a bird in the first place… I am terrified of birds. I once ran through a bird exhibit at a zoo with a full on panic attack like I was running from a herd of elephants. So why would I ask the Universe for a bird if they make me jumpy and afraid? The answer is… I needed to overcome the fear. And I didn’t make that connection until this morning.  Can we just have a slow clap for the connection there for a minute…

The Universe is always listening. What we truly need is to be open and prepared to receive it. When we stop trying to force it, miracles happen. Open your heart, listen with gratitude, and be ready to receive.