The Beachbody Challenge

by Sunday, October 30, 2011

Throughout my time as a Beachbody Coach, I have ran a lot of different challenges, all varying between 3-30 days.  Challenges offer extra incentives to stay on track and be committed to getting healthy and losing weight.  Though each challenge has been very successful, I feel that sometimes we all still lose track of one another sometime throughout the challenge, people fall off, have a bad day, maybe not enough accountability.  The new Beachbody Challenge is going to change ALL of that. 

With the new challenge you will be offered a Beachbody Challenge Pack that is going to include not only your fitness, but the appropriate nutrition guidance that you need to keep you healthy and focused.  Losing weight and maintaining overall health consists of fitness AND nutrition, not just one or the other.  This challenge is NOT for everyone.  This challenge is for those that are committed to sticking to their goals and staying focused throughout the ENTIRE challenge period.  I am only offering this challenge to 5 people at a time.  Those 5 people will not only receive the challenge pack, but will get personal one on one commitment from me.  The challenge is going to be a VERY EXCLUSIVE small group (no more than 5 people) accountability / get focused / lose weight / get healthy challenge.  I’m only working with 5 because then I can be there 100% for everyone all the time.. you will be getting MY cell number to text / call me when you need it at any time and if you don’t check in on our private group (just for the 6 of us) then I will be texting you to say – what’s going on with you today!?!?!?

There will be different options for the challenge pack but each challenge pack will include:

1.Fitness Program

2. Shakeology on Home Direct

3. 30 day FREE Club Membership

Losing weight and being healthy is 20% fitness and 80% nutrition, so the Shakeology and the club membership are going to give you everything you need for optimal nutrition.  With the club membership you will be able to create a personalized meal plan that is suited to you and your needs as well as essential tools for tracking your progress and connecting with other members as well as live chats with celebrity trainers.  The club membership also gives you 10% off of any future purchases from Beachbody.

Each package above includes one fitness program from those listed within the appropriate package as well as your Shakeology and club membership.  Each package retails close to and above $200 if all purchased separately.  Each pack will also ship for FREE.  There is an added bonus, for those that decide to join the challenge and become a Beachbody Coach as well – just ask!

On top of my personal challenge and the support and gifts I will be giving to each challenger, Beachbody will be giving away cash to those that submit their results and get started with the Beachbody Challenge.  Watch this video below for the details from CEO Carl Daikeler from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Every 30 days I will create a new challenge group with a new fitness program.  If you would like to be involved in the challenge – please send me an email for the details and get you on the list for the NEXT available challenge by filling out the Contact Me form to the right of this post or messaging me through Facebook.  Again, I am going to be here 100% for you throughout the entire challenge period.  This is a totally awesome opportunity to start out right and you’re going to get my FULL coaching and in turn it’s going to help me to be a better coach working one on one with you! I am looking forward to creating and working with each group and can’t wait to get started!