Social Media Mean Girls

by Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It’s been far too long since I’ve done a blog post and I apologize (isn’t that the way I consistently begin blog posts?! Whoops). Today I felt compelled to make sure it happened while I had thoughts flowing through my brain. You can love me or hate me on this post for bringing this up and by the end you’ll either toast me with a virtual cheers or want to knock me out :)

Recently a fellow fitness mom caught fire for her social media post and “discriminating” plus size and obese women. I’m sure that you have heard of Maria Kang and if not you can read about her journey here. Maria stood out by posting a photo of herself with her 3 babies asking “What’s your Excuse?” and caught social media hell for being proud of how far she has come as a mother and fitness enthusiast, simply showing that as a mom it IS possible to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. And now Maria is getting a social media beating for this story. I do not want my opinion to come out in this blog post because we can discuss it in another post in more detail, but this is just the first issue that triggered todays post.

Today I read about yet another mom getting blasted on social media, specifically for a post on her Instagram, Caroline Berg Eriksen ( @fotballfrue on IG). You can see her post here. According to the latest social media wolves, Caroline is setting unrealistic expectations for new moms and making others feel awful about their body with her photo. Again, let’s talk about my opinion at another time :)

So let’s get on to the real issue at hand here… And I’m going to begin with saying, I’m not sorry for this post and it is something that needs to be addressed. I by no means consider myself a feminist (clearly the blog title should say that in itself) so spare me those comments. But here’s my question: Why is there such a social media uproar for these MOMs that are posting about their bodies and how they feel regarding obesity? To me it seems like a bit of a double standard for men and women. I would love to see the people that hide behind their computers and type away if a dad of 3 posted his body builder photos on Instagram. Do you think that he would be accused of being a father that doesn’t take care of his kids? Would he be slammed because he spends more time in the gym than with his family? Would he be called an asshole or a self absorbed dickhead because of his comments? I’d love for someone to prove me wrong here, but I am going to go ahead and say yep, probably not. But as women, these two moms are setting “horrible examples” as mothers because they are specifically “making other women feel inferior”.

Guess what the best part of all of this is? It is the women that are sitting behind their smart phones, tablets, and computers that are throwing out the accusations!!! I thought that we left cattiness and name calling when we left middle school and even better when we began raising children of our own to do the exact opposite. As women and mothers, how long do we need to continue this cycle of ridiculing and tearing each other apart? It doesn’t matter if it’s about our fitness levels, what style of haircut we have, the last season dress she wore, the way I parent my kids from the way you parent yours, it is never ending!! Stop the cycle. We should be standing together and supporting each other and stop trying to constantly find something to tear each other down.

I don’t know what your views and feelings are when it comes to these two specific moms, but let’s end this now. Look in the mirror and decide for you what it will take to focus on you and your family. If you are working hard to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and you have a rocking body – be proud of that ass!! If you are totally satisfied where you are at and have no intentions of being the next Jillian Michaels, great!!! If you live your life hiding behind a computer screen tearing others down because it’s not how you live your life, stop!! Practice what you would preach your child to do. I would never wish being bullied on any child EVER because I have walked in their shoes and I know what it’s like, so why are you being a bully??? Stop tearing other moms and women down, we are not in middle school and you are not the mean girl in the cafeteria.

COMMENT BELOW: What is 1 thing that you commit to do to lift up another female today?


2 Responses
  • abc
    December 4, 2013

    Do you know what feminism even means? From google: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” If it makes them happy, Of COURSE women should be able to post pictures of themselves looking great, whether they have zero kids or 10 kids. OF COURSE women should be able to choose whatever profession they want.

    Both men and women (AND YOU) should be PROUD to be feminists. All it means is that men and women should be equal to decide for themselves what path they want to follow. When you try to say you’re not a feminist, you’re really saying that you DO think men and women should be treated differently, which is what leads to the EXACT problems you’re talking about!

    • admin
      December 4, 2013

      Of course!! Let me clarify: I am not proactive in man v woman feminism. Meaning I am not actively going out day to day expressing my displeasure for the differences in men and women. I don’t make it a big issue every day. I do not normally engage in the fight against women’s rights and calling men out for it is what I meant. I apologize if that portion came out misinterpreted.