Social Media and the Highlight Reels

by Monday, October 17, 2016

Recently I listened in on a friend’s conversation about a woman that was struggling with the big fat ugly word that no one loves ~ jealousy. Not jealousy in her every day life, but jealousy through social media. She let the inner thoughts & demons of social media take up so much of her headspace that she actually removed almost all of her friends on Facebook. I actually didn’t even follow along the entire story because I was too busy thinking: when it comes to social media comparison, when is enough, enough?


social media

How many times has this happened to you:

You’re scrolling on Instagram and you see the IG “fitness star” posting gym selfies in her sports bra, Nike Pro shorts, and you’re cutting yourself down because you’ll “never look like that”. You’re sucked in to your long distance cousin’s photos of her trip to Paris with her new perfect husband, but you’ll never be able to afford an amazing trip like that and you’ll probably never find that perfect man. Your brother’s kid is potty trained successfully at 2 years old and she’s the next child prodigy while yours is shoving cheerios down his diaper.

What is really going on:

The “IG Fitness Star” just turned down a camping trip to spend time with her father because she needs to stay on her meal prep and doesn’t want to be distracted by food. Your cousin’s new husband actually had a girlfriend the entire time of their relationship and the trip to Paris is just to keep her happy and unsuspecting. Your brother’s kid shit on the floor 10 minutes after he posted that photo.

What we see on social media is a highlight reel. How do you feel when you see someone on social media posting how depressed she is, that she’ll never have enough money, or she’s disgruntled with her home or career, etc. We feel annoyed right? Like why isn’t she getting up and doing something about it? We don’t want to hear you complain about everything in your life! So what do we feed off of? The highlight reels.

So if it’s not cool with us to read about the negative, why do we give so much attention and so much of our mental selves to the highlight reels? Gut check time:

  1. How do you feel when you scroll Instagram?
  2. Are you following people to truly inspire & motivate you or do they cut down your self-love?
  3. What does your highlight reel look like?


Social Media


Ask yourself these questions, review your social media & make changes if necessary. If you feel sorry for yourself and jealous when you are on social media it’s time to take a break. Step away from social media for a while and live in YOUR moment. Unfollow the people that make you feel like you are any less of a powerful women and that you are not good enough.

You can gain inspiration, motivation, ideas and more from social media… You can also break down and be torn apart by it. YOU have the power in your hands to make the final decision. Let us start creating our own highlight reels in real time and breaking ourselves from social media comparisons.