Shakeology Cleanse & Eating Disorder

by Thursday, February 17, 2011

As you know, I struggled for many years with an eating disorder (if you didn’t know that you need to go check out my story). I battled with anorexia and bulimia for about 7 years and I started thinking to myself today as I am finishing up day number 3 of the Shakeology Cleanse, that wow, this could have been very scary for me. When I say “could have been” I mean that, it’s possible, that this could have brought back those memories and those feelings that I had tried for so long to overcome and to pull myself away from. At that moment, a light bulb went on for me saying, hey you’re safe, you’re not going back to that place again. That is a HUGE thing for me. (Side note, probably a good thing I’m not doing this on video because definitely impossible to keep the tears away on this one!) It’s an amazing thing when you make a realization that your life has been forever changed and it’s the best thing for you. I feel like any weight that I may have still been carrying along with me for so long is now gone, in that instant as I looked in the mirror in the bathroom, my shoulders were free.

I wanted to share that, because a. it was just a major point for me and I feel amazing about but also b. that I didn’t really think about the effect that the cleanse could have had on me with my history. So I wanted to share my feelings on the cleanse and if you are afraid of a “drop weight quick” or if you have someone telling you that’s not healthy, or that’s like an eating disorder, I just want you to know that it’s not true. Shakeology is packed with nutrition, you are not restricting your body from the vitamins and the nutrition that you need to fully function. I am on day 3, and not one time have I felt “dizzy” and that dizziness is a sign of not enough nutrients in your body to function as a normal human being. Never did I get that. You are still feeding nutrients and vitamins to your body and you are still able to consume the things like fruit and nuts to add to that daily intake.

The Cleanse is not a daily way of life by any means, and really it should only be used around every 3 months to give your new workout a jump start (do it the week before you start), or break a plateau, or maybe just if you had a bad week of eating and you need to regroup your body a little bit. But it’s a healthy way to do it. You aren’t sucking on drops mixed with water for 10 days and you aren’t eating nothing but cabbage for a week. You are giving your body healthy nutrients and still consuming enough calories to run your daily life.

Remember, you may not always lose weight. If you’re at a pretty healthy weight and you’re fit and you eat really well already, you probably won’t. But you are reenergizing your body to help break down your foods a little better. No one is going to be the same. So if your cousin Jessica tells you that she lost 7 pounds in the 3 days and kept it off, great for your cousin Jessica, but don’t think that you’re a failure because you only lost 1. Remember this is to remind your body that you are taking in healthy stuff and the rest of the junk can go away!

The Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse is broken down here. Then please send me a message and let me know if you want to try out the cleanse and I can get you set up with enough packets of Shakeology for the cleanse, or I can let you know how to get a full bag of Shakeology as well.

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