Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

by Monday, January 3, 2011

A lot of people look towards the cleanse that puts you on a 10 day all liquid, or all cabbage, or all who knows what it is, but it’s not good for you. The great things about the Shakeology Cleanse are A. (IT’S NOT SCARY!!!) B. It’s only 3 days and C. not only do you get calories from your shakes, you can actually EAT food sometimes too!!! The cleanse can be great to jumpstart your fitness goal, maybe work off some of the nasty things you ate or drank the weekend before, or just take a breather and get yourself back on track. So here are the details of the Shakeology 3-day cleanse:
(Each day is the same)

1. Green Tea
2. Breakfast -Shakeology shake number 1: 8-10 oz. of water, 1 scoop shakeology, Ice
*can add fruit if you need to your morning shake, but try to keep it just Shakeology
3. Snack 85 calories or less – fruit is usually the best option
4. Lunch – Shakeology Shake No. 2: Same as above
5. Snack – 3rd Shakeology – Same as above
6. Dinner (Here comes the good part YOU CAN EAT!!) Salad – grilled chicken or white fish, with any veggies you want and a low calorie, no fat, no sugar, etc. etc. dressing if needed: Entire salad should be Approx 340 calories or less

Now, your last snack, you can definitely do either between lunch and dinner or after dinner before bed. For me, I like it between lunch & dinner only because I personally do not eat anything after dinner.

A few common questions that you may have…

Is the Shakeology cleanse only effective if you do it the full 3 days?
No! Still effective no matter if you do 1 day or 3, but REMEMBER do NOT do more than 3 days.

Is exercise okay?
Only if you’re feeling up to, do not get real rigorous with it, try to include it during a rest day. You are going to be a bit weaker, that is just natural so do not push it to an extreme workout.

How many calories per day?

what is the ideal length of time to do this? – once every 3 -4 months

As always if you ever have any questions LET ME KNOW :) And if you are new to Shakeology or my blog – go to for information, testemonials, AND purchase directly from there!!!!

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