Saturday Morning

by Saturday, May 19, 2012

All work week long, I count the days to Saturday mornings.  As a mom that works full time I don’t get to spend a ton of time with my kids.  Our Saturday mornings generally consist of a warm cup of milk for the kids when they wake up, bowl of cereal, and Saturday morning cartoons.  This quiet time in the morning is what I wait for all week long.  Then I quickly realize the chaos of our home life and remind myself how crazy I would be if I were a stay at home mom.

Today is especially crazy because it’s my husband’s Saturday to work.  I don’t know how women with more than 2 kids handle everything alone when their husbands work.  I only have 2 arms, and not enough of me to go around to fulfill every request.  The older one has an attitude of a 13 year old and the younger one is a beast.  She follows along everything he does and multiplies it by about 15.  (Pretty sure next week when she turns 3 she will actually be 15 in personality).  Everything with the older one is an argument.  “Mom, Sorry I know you don’t want me to watch MAD but, it’s on the cartoon network and that’s for kids” – “No sorry, it’s not” “Yes it is… (nope) Yes, it’s on the kids’ network” This argument went on for a good 3 minutes.  Apparently just because it’s on the Cartoon Network it’s appropriate for a 5 year old, I don’t think so son.  I’m pretty sure that he argues with me incessantly because he’s a lot like his dad, hard headed and stubborn to the bone!

The younger one is like a ticking time bomb.  Whoever made up the phrase “Terrible 2’s” obviously never made it to 3’s.  The 3’s should be called “Thirsty Threes” because there’s absolutely no way anyone can make it through without a large glass of red wine most days.  We are a little over a week away from 3 and my little angel that was always so sweet and cuddly has turned into the whining witch of the north (and of course her brother eggs her on every little bit) with a classic stomp of the feet and throw the fists around tantrums.  (As I type I hear a consistent whine and I am pretty sure she hasn’t stopped to take a breath).  Grandma still calls her angel, I don’t think she spends enough time at grandma’s house!

I’ll fully admit, I never said I have a whole ton of patience and being a mom, I have definitely learned the hard way that there is no other option than to sit back and relax (and enjoy a glass of wine from time to time).  I love my kids dearly and wouldn’t trade a thing in the world for them, I promise!!! :) Now I should probably stop writing because they’re hungry for the 13th time since 8:00 this morning (starting to wonder if this is a game).  Time to feed the animals.