Santa NEEDS Cookies

by Thursday, December 23, 2010

Each morning I have about a 7 minute commute from our house to my sitter’s house. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly 7 minutes, sometimes 5, sometimes 12 depending on the weather, but this morning it was around 7 minutes (and we were late of course…). About a quarter of the way into the ride my son (who is 4) piped up in the backseat and said.. “mom how does Santa know that we live in Michigan??” This one question alone sparked a very interesting conversation that I just couldn’t wait to share!

So of course I responded with the classic parent answer to all questions regarding Santa – “honey, it’s magic, he just knows.” Now, my son has been begging to make Christmas cookies and we have been crazy busy, and of course tonight he sleeps at my in-laws (every Thursday) so we’re sort of running out of time. So as he was contemplating the “magic…” response, I told him that tomorrow morning when he comes back from grandma’s house we will make cookies for Santa.. (now I have the WORST luck at making sugar cut out cookies, one year they tasted awful and no one ate them, another year they crumbled apart.. just bad bad news…) so now I’m contemplating, okay where can I go and find roll out ready to cut out dough?? (Yes, don’t judge me..) Okay, so now he is all excited and we get on the conversation of what Santa and the reindeer like…

Hunter: “well, I think that Santa really likes cookies and milk, but Olivia at school told me that he gets sick of cookies & milk everywhere he goes, so she leaves him green olives and orange juice!!!!” Me: “green olives and orange juice?? Wow that’s quite the combination… Should we choose something different other than cookies?” (again, trying to steer away from the cookie making process…) Hunter: “No, because then Santa will be so disappointed that he just left Olivia’s house craving cookies and milk, and then he comes to our house and there’s no cookies and milk.. because that’s his favorite mom, you know that. (Dang) But we can’t forget the reindeer too because teacher told us that it’s an awfully hard job to pull a sleigh all night so we have to leave something for the reindeer and I think they really like zucchini can you go buy a zucchini for the reindeer mom???” now, we must take a quick backtrack and remember… my son is 4 years old, a very inquisitive and imaginative child but, speaks very well for his age. Me: “zuchhini?!??! Really? You think that’s what the reindeer like?? I don’t think that we have one, how about an apple?? We have apples at home..” Hunter: “but mom, the apples aren’t very big, and we only have 1 left in our refrigerator (yes he says refrigerator not fridge) that won’t be enough.” Me: “Well, they could probably share it right?” Hunter: “MOM, they have hooves, not fingers how on earth would they cut it..? “ and of course, that leaves me going… yep, you got me there. Me: “well, they could all take nibbles of it right??” Hunter: “no, that’s just nearly not enough for 8 reindeer – we need zucchini” Nuff said apparently.

The conversation continued for quite some time, and the moral of the story is – Santa needs milk & cookies– which I tried to pipe in with Shakeology cookies and a shake, but he said that Santa doesn’t like healthy stuff either, so he needs “the good stuff.” So, guess who will be off looking for ready to cut out dough and a zucchini today?