Reading Their Mind | Basics to a Better Business

by Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day that Chalene Johnson tweeted that for online business building I needed to follow Sandi Krakowski, I went directly to her Twitter profile and hit follow.  I might be somewhat of a puppy dog following a treat when it comes to suggestions from Chalene, but then I see this woman in the picture with bright pink hair and a nose ring – heck yeah she looks like she just might be up my alley to follow (pink IS my favorite color). 

I began listening intently and hanging on each word that Sandi had to tell me about WordPress and reaching out to my customers.  I’m sure that you know how it is when you’re subscribed to 10 different daily newsletters or blog posts and you just don’t always have time for them all.  When Sandi’s newsletters come in my email they are the first I read and immediately go into a folder to save for future reference.  Sandi has been an amazing teacher for me and my business, heck you wouldn’t even be here reading this post if it weren’t for her, because her advice helped me through building this site (very long… tired hours… ).

Sandi recently had her first book published and released it to her followers – FOR FREE… the book is on my kindle on my iPhone and iPad.  I have already read it three times (seriously, 3 times) and it’s covered in virtual highlighter.  I am also going to purchase three hard copies of the book to give to lucky members of my coaching team.  I want you to go HERE NOW to get your copy for free! Trust me you will NOT regret having this book at your side.  The first chapter alone gave me so much insight into who this woman truly is and where her life has taken her that I know that it will forever be my go to for the “basics” of building business and learning how to Read Their Mind. Comment below after you put your order in and if you have already read the book make sure to comment below and tell me what you thought!!