Puma Fitness Review / Fitfluential Campaign

by Monday, November 3, 2014

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Puma Fitness.

Puma Fitness Apparel

Overall rating: Two Thumbs Up!

I am so excited to be drafting my very first blog campaign review on behalf of Fitfluential LLC as a Fitfluential Ambassador.  What two better things to combine for my first review than fitness and fashion right? On behalf of Puma Fitness, I was sent two (2) pair of shoes and two (2) outfits (1 for a more casual post / pre workout feel and one for active fitness performance).  Nothing gets me more excited to workout than a new outfit, I really think it’s the best way to “reward” yourself for a job well done and kick your fitness into a higher gear.  Even though I’m totally not into cardio, I made sure to get mine in right away with the new performance attire and shoes.

Puma Performance Look


Photo Nov 03, 9 05 58 AM

Photo Oct 30, 1 24 29 PM

Photo Nov 03, 8 19 28 AM

Gym Tank

What I love about this gym tank is how adorable it is.  I mean check out that back shot! There’s no reason not to look and feel pretty while sweating out that glitter.  This tank really is flattering for all sizes I feel.  The lycra yarn wicks up the sweat fairly quickly and it also has a mesh liner that allows air to get through to keep you cool (no more flashing the bottom of that shirt up to “air out” win/win).  For this girl that is not so endowed on the top, the built in bra was enough for me to keep everything in place during high intensity cardio, though if you’re a little bigger than myself, you may still want to wear a sports bra in addition to the top.

Move 3/4 Capri

I am all about capris when I work out.  I never feel all that comfortable in shorty shorts and get way too hot in anything full length during cardio so it’s a perfect fit for me.  The waist band was high, but not cutting off circulation of my waist.  As a mom, this was huge for me because there’s always going to be a little “something” around the midsection and I get really uncomfortable when I’m trying to “hide” that even from myself or feeling it moving around under my clothes.  The fabric is definitely moisture wicking, but super soft at the same time.  These capris are a little different from others that I wear in that they’re looser at the calf, but allows for a change up in my fit fashion and didn’t change the performance of them at all.

Mobium XT

I was really excited to try these shoes out for my cross training workout because I generally struggle with finding a shoe wide enough to really feel good on my toes.  I have always had issues with my toes going numb during workouts, and was actually afraid to try these out because they are SO light weight that I was worried there wouldn’t be enough support during my plyometric portions of the workout.  I have to say that I was highly impressed.  The shape of the shoe allowed my foot to have some wiggle room and NO toe numbing! I’m not a runner, so having a cross training shoe that is light weight, breathable, and form fitting is a major advantage.  The shoe is extremely breathable and I actually tested them without socks (GASP) to really “feel” the shoe underneath my foot and didn’t have any extra sweat issue.  Also, how adorable are these shoes right? Who doesn’t love a flashy new pair to kick it up on a notch.


Puma Casual Look (Pre/Post Workout)


Photo Oct 24, 4 12 57 PM (1)


Photo Oct 24, 2 29 53 PM


Photo Oct 24, 4 13 48 PM

Photo Oct 24, 1 42 40 PM

French Terry Sweatshirt

I am a hoodie girl full on because it gets cold in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but I was extremely happy with this high collar nonhoodie.  The collar came up over my neck to keep the cold out breeze out, and still fell lower around the front so I didn’t feel like it was up over my face.  This mostly cotton sweatshirt, is not too heavy and super soft.  The kangaroo pocket helps to keep things “in” so that fear of dropping your cell phone in the toilet is not an issue with this shirt.  Plus, the throwback Puma logo? My inner 80s child got super giddy seeing that one!

Progressive Trend Pants

My first thought when I grabbed these pants was oh my gosh, these are amazing.  Seriously! They’re extremely soft and light weight, and actually remind me of early 90s windpants (but without the loud “windpants” noise and cotton lining!!!).  I did some outdoor stretching and lounging in these pants after my workout and they were great because they were breathable.  I didn’t feel like I was just sitting in my sweat post workout feeling gross.  I personally like the tight cuff on the bottom because I prefer to rock a capri so it can go as a long pant or capri.  The only downfall I felt with these pants is that I’m 5’1″ and wearing the small, I still felt like they were a little too big  and baggy for my size, but overall great for lounging or running a quick errand after a workout or to the gym!

Carson Runner

I may or may not have saved the best for last! The Carson Runner was the FIRST thing that I took out of the box when I received my package because I’m all about an adorable shoe.  Hot Pink AND Leopard print on these babies? I think Puma Fitness knew exactly who I was when they were designing this shoe.  I was leery of changing from my current shoe brand love, but the minute that I put these on my feet I was in bliss.  The molding midsole on this shoe is outstanding, I felt like I was walking in my memory foam slippers, perfect amount of cushion and forming to the foot as you walk.  This shoe is extremely light and the inside sockliner just keeps everything smooth and comfortable.  I’ve been wearing these shoes everywhere I go because I just can’t seem to get enough of them!


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