“PiYO Workouts” Month 2

by Thursday, June 12, 2014

We are coming up on only about 2 weeks left until the release of my new soul mate workout program PiYO.  I hope that you’re as excited as I am.  Time for another “sneak peek” into the world of PiYo before it releases.  If you missed the sneak peek of the Month 1 workouts you can review them here.  Enough catch up – lets talk about PiYO Workouts Month 2!


“PiYO Workouts” Month 2

In Month 2 we utilize a few of the Month 1 workouts like Sweat, Core, and Strength Intervals but bring in a couple of new ones.  You will not see Align, Lower Body, or Upper Body in Month 2.

PiYO DrenchScreenshot 2014-06-12 at 9.29.30 PM

Ah, Drench is your 48 minute workout, the longest of PiYO.  This is quite possibly the only workout I wasn’t always excited to complete, and I think really it was because of the time. Drench takes you through a warm up of lower and upper body stretching, power section to boost your heart rate and get the body flowing and follows up with lower body to improve muscle endurance and finish with a flow section to increase flexibility.  When I finish Drench, I am literally DRENCHED in sweat (see post Drench workout pic on the right).  It is the best full body workout that you’re going to get with PiYO.

PiYO Sculpt

PiYO Sculpt is either a tie for my favorite workout of this program or a VERY close second behind Core.  PiYO sculpt is about 25 minutes and uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for longer periods of time.  Lower body and upper body get full sculpting with PiYO Sculpt.  You will definitely feel the soreness the next day after this one!

PiYO Buns (Bonus)10371937_568622746591098_8173283120030076428_n

PiYO Buns is about 30 minutes long and will sculpt YO BOOTY!!!! The focus of Buns is on the glutes and hamstrings.  It is designed to lift, redefine, and tighten your back side.  One of my PiYO goals was to build up some Carrie Underwood legs and let me tell you that this workout is definitely making that goal a reality!

How can I get PiYO?

Well, you need to click here and make sure that you’re signed up for immediate updates because I’ll be giving the information out as soon as PiYO drops.  As a PiYO Test Group Member I can tell you right now that you will NOT want to miss this program! I can’t share ALL of my results yet, but just trust me, you do NOT want to miss this!