PiYo Journal – Week 6

by Thursday, July 10, 2014

**These posts were created prior to posting – though I have completed the program in its entirety, these updates will give you a timeline to progress. 

I decided that the last few weeks are definitely crunch time so I’m making sure to check in on my PiYo Journal every week for the remainder of the PiYo test group.  This week I had to play a little bit of catch up. I had lasik surgery done on Day 4 of Week 5 so my schedule got a little crazy.  One thing that I was so proud of was that I had not missed one single workout during the entire test group which was entirely NOT like me (I’ll get more into that in a bit) and the surgeon wanted me to take 3 days off post surgery to rest and relax.  This was incredibly difficult for me but, I did it and I just had to move my schedule around a little bit to make up for it.

Week 6 PiYo the Workouts

So in Week 5 I did a double day (Core & Drench) on Wednesday because I wouldn’t be able to do Drench on Thursday (day of my surgery) so that was definitely an interesting day.  I did Drench first thing in the morning and Core a little bit later.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I took off of the schedule.  I was supposed to wait until Monday per the surgeon, but I needed to do something I was going crazy so on Sunday I rearranged my plan and did Buns.  I figured for the first few days of getting back into the flow, I would do workouts that wouldn’t require me to be upside down a whole lot and take some pressure off of my eyes.  Sunday: Buns, Monday: Strength Intervals, Tuesday: Core.  With those I was back on schedule for Wednesday which I felt great about. Doing Buns & Strength Intervals back to back was an interesting set of couple days.  I love strength intervals because I hate cardio and since it’s only about a minute of cardio in between doing hte strength, I can deal with that (Much like a HIIT workout from Turbo Fire).  However, the leg and squat portions after doing buns.. wowwwweeeee.  Nothing else really changed in Week 6 as far as what workouts we’re doing, still adding in the Sculpt, Intervals, Drench – some of the longer workouts, yet still “short” in my book, and a little more advanced to strength and lean out the muscles.  I highly suggest that if you still feel like you’re not quite ready to go full on, follow the modifier! It’s a HUGE help especially if your muscles are tight or sore, I know that I needed it doing legs back to back!

Week 6 Results & Thoughts

Earlier in the post I mentioned how I hadn’t missed one workout of the program and that in itself is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I struggle with staying focused.  If you’re new to following me you may find this is as a shock because I’m very fitness oriented, but I want you to know that it is VERY difficult for me to stay on track.  When I did the 21 Day Fix, it was simple for me to stay on track because it was ONLY 21 days.  I just continued to remind myself, only 3 weeks.. only 3 weeks.. and I never missed a workout because it was ONLY 3 WEEKS!   But throw me in a program that’s 60 days or hell, even 90 days!!! No way.. By day 30 I’m generally tired of it, bored and finding excuses not to keep going.  And trust me, I can give myself PLENTY of excuses not to keep going.  This program, changed all of that.. I think it’s because there’s not a lot of cardio, or because I’m back in my comfort zone with a Chalene Johnson program, or because I just have made such a love and passion for yoga inspired workouts that it literally KILLED me inside to take those necessary days off of working out.  I’m not perfect, I’ve never tried to admit that I am… but, I know what my body loves and what my body needs, and PiYo is it!

I noticed after my surgery I felt a little weak.  When doing strength intervals I struggled a LOT with the tricep pushups (something I praised myself on becoming so much stronger at).  I had to follow the modifier and get on my knees and ya know what? I felt defeated and discouraged, but I just simply reminded myself that it’s all a process that our bodies go through, and you just had surgery! Don’t stress.  That’s my tip for today as you read this… if you feel defeated in ANYTHING.. remember why you started, how far you have come, and what you have to look forward to! That is your motivation to keep moving!