PiYo Journal – Week 5

by Tuesday, July 1, 2014

**These posts were created prior to posting – though I have completed the program in its entirety, these updates will give you a timeline to progress. 

Gosh, it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve updated on my PiYo journal, but we don’t need EVERY single detail during every week right? I’ll make sure to stay on point these last few weeks but still give you enough details about the last 3 weeks since the previous update. A lot has changed since my first PiYo Journal.  If you didn’t read the status after week 2 – go read PiYo Journal Week 2 Update now. The first couple weeks we had so much focus on alignment and really nailing down posture which is SO important to the benefit of PiYo, no doubt, but I was ready for MORE!

photoThe PiYo Workouts

We still focused a lot on the Upper Body and Lower Body, Core, and Sweat in the final 2 weeks of the first month.  I still loved the 20-30 minute workouts.  I was finding that the tricep pushups (the ultimate challenge for me) were becoming EASIER.  Yes, they were EASIER.  Which totally blew my mind.  On top of those workouts, we threw in a new one – Buns, PiYo Buns.  Now if you want a little under 30 minutes to make everything in your lower body scream in pain, Buns is where it’s AT! Everything in your lower body is going to LOVE this workout, you may not love it so much the next day, but it is killer.

The first 30 days like I said, we focused a ton on flexibility and posture and really building that muscle.  The first week of the 2nd month my mouth dropped.  I actually remember making a comment in our test group about scheduling workouts, and Upper, Lower, Alignment, they all disappeared.  They will not be on month 2 schedule.  I was getting pretty good at those 20 minute workouts and was going to miss them.  In phase 2 we added in 2 new workouts: Drench and Sculpt.  Now, Sweat is 30 min. and gives a full body breakdown in just 30 minutes that works you to a MAJOR sweat.  Then we do Drench.  Drench is 48 minutes, and it’s name definitely fits the workout.  If you thought you were sweating during Sweat, you’re going to be DRENCHED in Drench! Yes, it’s a longer workout and I wasn’t that excited about the longer workout, but it’s not one of those longer workouts that leaves you feeling like you’re dying. It’s broken down so you’re work on full body, some power and strength and then into the Flow portion to stretch the muscles out and gain the flexibility while everything is nice and warm.  I have to admit, I’m pretty partial to this workout!

Week 5 we completely lost Upper and Lower and really utilizing the longer workouts.  I was terrified to try to the new ones, but I’m pretty much loving them.  Sculpt… Oh Sculpt.. This one is a KILLER but I secretly think it’s my favorite, or 2nd favorite (behind Core).  Sculpt will work every single muscle in your body, as well as muscles that you didn’t even know existed.  It’s kind of a love / hate workout.  I’m really looking forward to the next 3 weeks, now that I’ve had the opportunity to get all of the workouts in it’s CRUNCH time!

PiYo Week 5 Results & Thoughts

I absolutely cannot EXPRESS enough how important nutrition is on this program.  Nutrition is always my downfall but when I’m keyed in on it, it creates amazing results.  With PiYo you’re working so many muscles at one time and strengthening and leaning out your body that following the nutrition guide is important.  After I fell off in week 2 of the nutrition I knew that I needed make major changes and get it in order because I just wasn’t seeing the results that I was looking for. So I made sure I was meal planning and staying on track and VOILA.. in 3 weeks, major changes! At the end of the first phase (30 days in) my results are:

7.8 pounds lostphoto (1)
Total 7.5″ lost (3 in my waist & 1 in my hips aka the problem areas)

Now this may not seem like a whole lot, but I was 109 pounds on day 31… I haven’t been 109 pounds since before I had children (and before I get blasted for being “too skinny” or “not weighing enough” I’m only 5’1″ so that’s entirely normal for me).  PiYo has reminded me that I can’t spot reduce anything.  The entire body is going to change, but if your midsection is your trouble area – get in tune with your nutrition! It will make a world of difference.  I have lost inches in my waist, I have leaned out my arms incredibly, my legs – I HAVE QUADS.. Obviously I have always had quads, but they’ve never POPPED out before.  I stretched my legs in bed one morning and almost fell out when I saw what was there!  My goal is not to be some skinny little thing, my goal is to be STRONG and LEAN with muscle and PiYo is giving me that every single day!

Overall, my review of the first 30 days of PiYO is mind blowing.  I can’t speak enough about how amazing this program is and how EVERYONE needs this type of fitness in their life.  EVERYONE.

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