PiYo and Hammer & Chisel Week 1

by Monday, February 22, 2016

Before I started to draft this blog I went into my Fitness Category here on The Bling Girl Diaries and was not quite impressed with my status.  What do I mean? Well, it has been almost an entire year since I last posted a fitness progress update.  Pretty good for an online fitness coach hey? #HidingInTheCorner I have been fairly vocal how the last year went for me.. a lot of bad food, booze, beer, no workouts, depression, boredom, inability to stick to a program… the list goes on and on.  So there you have it, the reason I haven’t posted anything is because I just wasn’t doing anything that I really wanted to talk about.  When we don’t stick to our goals, what do we do? Hide.  Pretend it isn’t happening and just keep going.  Hello, wake up call!

Last week I sent out a little love letter to my #BGDVIP (you can become a VIP Here) about February being the new January.  Everyone wants to get started on the right foot in January right? We flood the gyms, we take on a crazy diet, clean out our closets, set new goals.. and then what happens in February? It all slowly begins to dissipate.  Well, fortunately for me, I decided not to start anything in January and just save it for February! HA, at least I can say that was my plan because that’s the way it went down. #Wink I bounced around so much in January falling in and out of my macro tracking and just laid it all out on the line in February.  Line in sand.. DONE.  It’s time to get myself together because how can I possibly help someone else when I’m a hot mess over here just eating ice cream and thinking about the workouts I’m not currently doing right?

One of my biggest issues that I was having was that I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to do.  Yes, I’m a Beachbody Coach and I have an overflowing library of home fitness programs, so why was it SO DIFFICULT for me to find something that I was going to stick to? I really have no idea.  I knew that I always wanted to go back to PiYo because it really is my ONE true Beachbody Love.  <3 But even after a few days of that I was getting bored.  Hammer & Chisel came out and of course I hopped right on buying that on release day in December… and I opened the box last week! Yep.  I bought it because “everyone else was doing it” so why wouldn’t I? Well, I quickly realized that I knew I wasn’t going to stick to a committed 60 days of something that involved cardio 2 days a week.. and not just cardio, but you want me to do plyometrics? Yeah I don’t think so… Next please!


Hammer & Chisel, PiYo

Last week I made a commitment.. a commitment SO real that the entire schedule is already written, in Pink Sharpie in my agenda for the next 8 weeks.  PiYo 3 days a week to keep up my flexibility and lengthen my muscles (because my body CRAVES PiYo), a yoga class 1 or 2 times per week at my favorite local yoga studio, and Hammer & Chisel 3 days per week – NOT the ones with cardio! That crazy little mash up I have is scheduled in the agenda and if you have seen my snapchat you KNOW I’m obsessed with my new LV Agenda <3 (Post on that coming up VERY soon!) so it’s real shit when it’s written in there.  I actually surprised myself since I had SWORN OFF Hammer & Chisel it was more of a bug in my ass just to try it out than anything and I’m pretty thankful I did!

Now let me say that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my placement of workouts, I don’t know if it’s good or bad for my muscles & my body, but I just placed some workouts where I felt I wanted to do them by following along with the Hammer & Chisel 60 day calendar and sliding some of my favorite PiYo workouts in for good measure! Week 1 of PiYo and Hammer & Chisel I completed: PiYo Lower Body, Strength Chisel, PiYO Upper Body, Speed Hammer, PiYo Lower Body, and Total Body Hammer was on the schedule but I missed it.  Yes I admit that even on week 1 of a new schedule I missed 1 workout.  But, I’m not going to sit and pout over it, Monday I pushed play and got right into Week 2.

So far, I feel pretty good about where things are going to go with this.  I wasn’t quite sure at first what I was going to think because like I said, I wasn’t excited about Hammer & Chisel whatsoever… Until I started the workouts.  30 minutes of this strength training is amazing.  I really can’t wait to continue on with the next workouts on my schedule over the next couple of months because I am in LOVE.  It’s enough that I know I can’t really talk myself out of doing the workouts when I don’t feel like it, because I swap into PiYo every other day (or a 60 minute yoga class).  The PiYo helps me to stay on track and really helps out the soreness I was feeling after the Hammer & Chisel workouts.

I definitely need to keep my nutrition on track but that is a hurdle that I’m working on.  Nutrition is and always has been my downfall, so I’m working on creating a healthy balance of macros that were fit to me by my coach, and living a balanced lifestyle… No I’m not going to be downing McDonald’s every day or even once a week… but if I want to go out for pasta and wine, or pizza and beer, or break a day and feed a slight hangover with ramen noodles and Red Hot, I’m not going to punish myself for doing so.

We are setting off for a week vacation next week and I’ve changed my routine up a little bit so my actual calendar is going to be 9 weeks.  Next week while on vacation I’ll make smarter choices with our dining plan and will be doing PiYo in the hotel room with Beachbody on Demand (Yay for INTERNET that works to stream my workouts live – my home internet sucks LOL).  But, I’m not going to kill myself over “perfection” especially not while I’m on a family vacation.

I’m excited for this new journey and I’ll be blogging progress updates as I go along.  I actually didn’t step on a scale or take any measurements before I began.  Numbers drive me crazy.  I took some photos and that’s the only way that I’ll be tracking progress and I’m perfectly fine with that!

I would love to help you along with your fitness journey and help you get started.  Please click here to contact me so that we can discuss one of the many programs available to fit YOU! Also make sure to follow me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for frequent updates and photos.



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