PiYo 2 Years Later

by Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You know what, my life would be a hell of a lot easier if I had a Bluetooth dictation machine in or around my shower. I swear I’ve “drafted” this blog out loud in the shower multiple times and yet here I am 2 weeks late on actually sharing it. I can blame it on lack of time and being too busy but maybe I was just too afraid to share it. Maybe I was too afraid to open up and be real about where I started and how far gone I had really let myself get. Or maybe it was just pure laziness and not wanting to take the time to do it. Whatever the reason, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve completed PiYo 2 years later and there’s a LOT to talk about.

This is  PiYo 2 Years Later.


PiYo 2 years later

First and foremost, this is going to be NOTHING like my last transformation / review / results of PiYo… ICYMI you can read it here. That was me 2 years ago, in the best shape that I had been in since I was in high school. On the outside I was feeling amazing, strong, thin, and lean… On the inside I had a destructive self-confidence, a fake “smile” and happiness, and boy was I a bitch to others. #NoShameInAdmission That girl said no to social engagements, only ate pizza maybe twice (though I think it was only once), restricting food from my body, eating the same foods over and over that were actually making me sick, and couldn’t truly enjoy the new life that I was creating in my body. Sure it felt great to FEEL great and look great, but mentally I was a mess. And it took a LONG time for me to truly ADMIT that I needed to change. I broke down, fell in a “depressed state” (I never admitted I needed help, so was not formally diagnosed) and hit rock bottom. I needed to learn that I had to make changes that were “balanced”. I know what you’re thinking nothing ever truly balances, but really I needed to teach myself that I could enjoy the things that I loved without major emotional attachments to them.. I had to break free of the negative self-talk… I had to commit to MYSELF that I wanted to change for more than just a number on a scale. When I FINALLY let myself open up and share what I was going through I wrote this…

So, here we are 2 months later. I hadn’t finished a single Beachbody program full out since I did the test group 2 years ago. To complete the entire 60 days was a challenge in itself because I struggle with boredom, or the “oh I missed 3 days I can’t get back on track” syndrome. Of course I was doing this to get results, I mean if we didn’t why would we workout right? But this was so much more than that. My body was so worn down and “lost” that I needed something that I was prepared for, that I KNEW I could (and WOULD) complete because my body needed to start slow. What I didn’t do was watch numbers, stepping on and off the scale each day. I also never took any measurements before or after. Why? I didn’t want to focus on a number; I wanted to focus on how my body felt, how I got stronger, how my flexibility improved… I wanted to FEEL the difference. Yes, I did take before and after photos and I do know that I lost only 2 pounds throughout the 60 days. But, I can SEE the difference and I can FEEL the difference. So no, this is nothing like the PiYo review the last time because I didn’t drive myself crazy. This is me and PiYo 2 years later. I watched a little of what I ate, I didn’t stress over a few “bad” meals or drinking beer on the weekends (which trust me, I KNOW that I need to cut back on still). So do I have a striking transformation? Nope. But I know how I feel on the inside and what this round of PiYo has done for me.

PiYo 2 Years Later PiYo 2 Years later

I can’t sit here in good faith and say oh eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want and just workout and everything will be great; because that’s not true. If you want TRUE physical results like I had the last time, you need to be mentally prepared to make the sacrifices and changes to do so. If you are in that place I applaud you! When YOU are okay with that you’re going to see HUGE changes in your body. If you need something to get started with and take a path to change your body from the inside out, then do that! Either way, I will be here to cheer you on and support you and I want to be there for you! Duh, that’s why I LOVE being a “fitness cheerleader”. I didn’t write this post to say “programs don’t work” because, well I wouldn’t be doing my job then would I?? LOL … What I am here to do is be brutally honest with you on my journey and how things change and effect ME so you know that when you do come to me for help you’re getting the real deal and not someone who is going to just feed you a bunch of lines to get a sale.

I’m on to my next challenge and focusing on lifting heavy shit! Back to weight lifting for me and I’ll tell you that I have never felt better lifting because I know that I built my body back up to it slowly and surely. I’m going to be doing at least 2 days of PiYo as well throughout my lifting lifestyle because my body craves the flexibility work and hell, it FEELS GOOD to stretch the sore muscles I’m building!   I won’t drive myself insane focusing on food because I’m still working on my relationship with food. I know what is going to fuel me and what isn’t but I’ll be damned if I skip a cupcake at a birthday party for “results”. I can’t wait to see what happens next for this body!

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6 Responses
  • Colie
    June 1, 2016

    You look great! Thank you for opening up. SO many of us can relate – I know I can. Finding that balance is hard and it takes work every day. Keep it up!

    • Brittnae
      June 1, 2016

      Thank you so much for your continued support Colie :) I know it may not be the “best” thing that people in the fitness world want to hear about, but I always promise to be REAL and share everything – even the yucky stuff!

  • Cella
    June 1, 2016

    I love your realness and I think you look amazing! Thank you for being so honest! I can most definitely relate to the food/beer relationship.

    • Brittnae
      June 7, 2016

      It’s a serious love / hate relationship, but it’s the truth.. something I’ve got to work on… You can do this too girl!

  • Jenifer
    June 7, 2016

    Your amazing!!! Love how real and honest you are! Most people I fellow to themselves and others about what they eat and work out….but you are honest and hilarious and that is why you’ve moved mountains…even in this small town and across he US!! ????????. Thanks for pushing me and helping me find my love of Piyo! Can’t wait to coach underneath you!!

  • Lexi Suba
    June 19, 2016

    I love this post. I’m so glad you worked up the courage to share it. Because you are not alone…my relationship with food is a constant battle of will and balance and practice lol But I feel that it’s most important for us to MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY be on point…the physical changes will follow. Thank you for sharing <3