Hey girl, Wanna FitFlex & Pump?

by Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All right, we all know what “Netflix & Chill” means right.. (or at least maybe we think we know #WinkWink). What if there was an opportunity for you to “FitFlex & Pump”… (Give me some credit there that one came up JUST on a whim). Well now there IS… Similar to Netflix or Hulu, there is now a way to stream hundreds of workout programs at your leisure. Not feeling weights today? That’s cool; hit play on some Insantiy Max 30. Already did your workout today but need some relaxation before bed? Awesome, there’s a 30-minute yoga class for that too. All you need is the brand new Beachbody On Demand All Access Pass, available now (for a limited time).

On Demand All Access Pass

What do you get with your Beachbody On Demand All-Access Pass?

EVERYTHING. You sign up for an annual charge that gives you access to every Beachbody program to stream online on demand, whenever you want it. Not only do you get the full programs created by Beachbody that are sold in DVD format, but you get daily “challenge du jour” workouts that are changed each day. Brand new workouts in “live” format taught by Beachbody live trainers so it’s like you’re just sitting in a class.

YES! I want in, SIGN ME UP

On top of all of the workouts you’ll get access to Autumn Calabrese’s online cooking show (with her professional chef brother of course) to get ideas for new recipes and how to use your 21 Day Fix containers to create a tasty meal for you and your family. Wait… you don’t have the 21-day fix containers?

How to get a full nutrition and fitness package in one

Results don’t just come from being able to swap out a workout every day right? Of course not, so lets talk about the Annual All-Access Pass challenge pack shall we? For a one time charge you will receive: Annual All-Access On Demand Pass, 1 30-Day Supply of your choice of Shakeology, 21 Day Fix containers, Your nutrition and meal guide to create your best results.


What does the Beachbody On Demand All Access Pass cost?

*Already a Beachbody on Demand customer (or coach)? That’s cool, you can go to your account & upgrade your account to the annual pass for $99 (if you’ve recently made a payment, the system will prorate your time for what you’ve already paid for.)

*Want to grab the Beachbody all access pass no nutritional tools included? You will pay a yearly fee of $99.95, which you can cancel at any time (your fee will automatically be charged 1 year from the date that you previously purchased.)

*Want the full nutritional and fitness package all in one? Excellent because this is your BEST savings yet (saving $75) at $199 you get everything listed above in the nutritional challenge pack. #BestDealEver

LET’S DO IT! Sign Me UP!

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch.. We are living in the digital world, and we are digital girls #Wink (sing it girl!). Think about it this way. If you were to purchase the Challenge Pack at $199 you are getting access to all Beachbody programs and Shakeology for $199… Um… Hi! P90X in the package without Shakeology retails for $129. That’s just ONE program. Only makes sense right? DUH!

I’m not going to sit here and keep pushing thoughts and facts and numbers at you. If you want to get in on this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because remember, I said it is a LIMITED TIME send me a message NOW so we can get started!