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by Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now I have to admit, I have not attempted P90X or Insanity, but those programs aren’t “me”. I need to be moving on the go, and MUST HAVE great music. When I found Turbo Jam, I was like um, hello – Chalene Johnson wants me to “pump it”??!?!? Heck yeah! Because I absolutely love to dance. So of course, TJ was my lifesaver, and if it weren’t for this program, I may have not ever gotten off of the couch.  Try Turbo Jam TODAY

After I CONQUERED (yeah I say conquered, cuz ya know what, I had success and in my opinion that is CONQUERING) Turbo Jam was when I became a coach, so of course I had to start a new program to utilize my new discount! I at that point was doing a lot more research about getting toned and lean because I had to shake this mommy body there was no getting around that. So I realized that the only way I was going to gain more muscle was to strength train. DUH, so even though I can honestly say I had never lifted a weight in my life, I decided to give this a whirl.

SURPRISE i loved it. My absolute new passion is lifting weights. There is nothing better than grabbing a heavy set of weights and just pushing through the burn. For the first time in my life I had biceps!!!!!! Get it Here – you will NOT regret it

So while I was about 4 weeks into ChaLEAN Extreme, the day of the Turbo Fire release was quickly approaching. Now I watched a lot of “leaked” videos (most of which were taped at the Summit event) of this program, as well as Chalene’s “teaser” on youtube and I was TERRIFIED. I remember looking at my husband one night and I”m like uh, yeah I’ll wait on that I’m scared. Then the arrival date… oh NO just kidding, the day BEFORE the release Carl Daikeler surprised the coaches and said IT’S HERE IT’S HERE – GO ORDER.. SO i was like OKAY!! I clicked that link and hit submit so fast my head spun – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! But for real, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) intense crazy Turbo workouts, and the music.. WOW the music… Really? Who could resist??

Turbo Fire is the best workout that I could ever get in less than 1 hour.  The HIIT classes leave me energized, tingling, and burning calories like CRAZY.  A HIIT can get you to burn up to 9X more calories when you are sleeping, resting, or hanging out than you normally would after a regaular cardio class.  If you enjoy HIIT workouts, get off the treadmill and start doing them with Turbo Fire and get some crazy awesome music and energy flowing! CLICK HERE to light your Fire!!!

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