by Monday, January 18, 2016

What a whirlwind weekend it was around here.  I feel like I have been on blast for days on end.  Monday was a “rest” day of sorts.  Meaning I woke up, sent the kids off to school, & went back to bed for a couple of hours.  My body was in major shambles from a weekend that kicked off with fried food and beer and ended with left over pizza and beer.  (Are you seeing a trend here?) #Yikes.

Friday night I had an amazing girls’ night with my BFF and a couple others.  We went to a nearby casino for the Brett Eldredge concert, drinks, gambling & dancing.  The concert was AMAZING.  If you’re a country fan & have the opportunity to see Brett in concert, DO IT.  He put on a great show, very interactive with the fans, and super fun to watch.  Even though I felt like I “missed out” on fun times with my friends, I was pretty thankful I “put myself to bed” (aka, too many vodka sodas) around midnight and walked out $60 richer the next morning! #Winning


Saturday after a much needed lazy day to recover from the GNO shenanigans, my husband and I hosted what we didn’t know was going to be our final, Green Bay Packer party for the season.  Win or Lose, always repping the big “G” around here.  Our Packer “Man Cave” in the new home has become the landing spot for our friends throughout the season.  After an incredibly exciting Aaron Rodgers to Jeff Janis hail mary to go into overtime, we were left broken hearted saying goodbye once again to our Packers for the next few months…. It makes it a little easier to drown the sorrows with good friends I guess.  LOL … That being said, is it fall yet? #GoPackGo


Woke up on Sunday morning dreading the idea that we not only had to bring one child to a birthday party, but the second had one as well an hour difference in time.  I woke up feeling the effects from the night before not too terribly considering my body hasn’t been taking alcohol very well lately (will have a  new blog post about that VERY soon), but just one of those days where I could’ve stayed in bed all day.  Instead I dragged my husband out of bed and we headed out to begin the day of chauffeur to 2 children soiree’s.  What we didn’t realize was that we were going to end up having an unexpected (and pretty great) date day together.  After stopping at the ski resort for lunch and a bloody mary, we found out that someone we knew was playing live music in the lodge bar.  It was pretty much the most perfect setting to sit in front of the fire, enjoy a couple of drinks, & snuggle in to enjoy some time with my husband.  We have weekly date nights but this was different, just being with each other after a busy weekend to unwind.  #AllTheFeels

Busy weekend, probably too much alcohol involved, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Music. Football.  Snuggles.

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  • Debbie
    January 19, 2016

    I love your blog Brittnae. Keeping it real, with an added handful of glitter. Keep up the good work.

    • Brittnae
      January 19, 2016

      <3 ALWAYS you know that ;)