Mind & Soul Check

by Saturday, March 19, 2011

I recently found myself falling into normal day to day routines and by the end of the day feeling very drained, stressed out, and unhappy. I know that sometimes I tend to lose sight of what is around me and how it affects my moods, over all wellbeing, and how I am as a wife and mother. I spent a few days away from my “normal life” with my husband and kids last weekend and realized that I stress over too many little things and it has a negative impact on a lot of things that I do and how I behave. I laid in bed one night thinking to myself that I need to do a mental check of myself, really break down my day, do some reflection, and see where I felt the best and where I needed improvement. I also realized that I am not the only one that may need to do some soul searching and really wanted to share this with anyone else that wants to join. I truly feel that reflection and decision making is a huge part of changing your life and how we  treat ourselves, the ones we love, and anyone that we may come in contact with throughout our days.

It will be a very simple 10 question journal to myself each night for 7 days (of course knowing me I’ll probably continue on because it can only get better right?). I am putting this out for anyone else that wants to join in. (Please feel free to do this at any time if you are reading this even 2 months down the road!) We do not have to share our “journals” with each other unless you want to do that. It’s simply there for some moral support and to have someone to lean on each day with a virtual hug or pat on the back, whatever it is that we might need.

So  each night I will take the same notebook and write down the following questions:

1   .Name all negative things that happened to you today or that caused any stress.
2.   What could you have done to prevent the negative / stress?
3.   How will you change tomorrow to prevent the negative / stress?
4.   Did you take the time to give at least 1 compliment to your significant other / spouse / bff today?
5.   Did you praise your children today and how.
6.   Did you make sure that you told your loved ones that you are thinking about them & love them?
7.   What were all the positive things that happened to you today?
8.   What were the events leading up to the positive actions today?
9.   How will you add at least 1 more positive action to your day tomorrow?
10. Do you promise and commit to yourself to make the positives in your life outweigh the negatives tomorrow?

Now you may notice that I started with the negative and ended with the positive. When I first started drafting these, I began with the negative, but after going through I thought, why end on a negative note? The end result before I lay my head down to go to sleep is that I ended with the positive parts of my day and I know where I need to make my changes, and I have committed to myself to do that tomorrow.

I am inviting anyone that wants to join in on this with me and take a step back each night (or whatever time of day is best for you) to reflect on your day. I know that at the end of the 7 days (or 14, 21, however long I or you do this) I will have documented everything that I did negatively and positively and will become a better wife, mother, friend, co-worker and woman because of this. It will truly be an eye opening experience for me because I know that deep down I need this. I need to focus on what I have in my life and where it will bring me tomorrow and the next day and the next.

Please like this post, share your comments with me, and share this blog post if you know someone that would benefit from this as well!

5 Responses
  • Nichole
    March 20, 2011

    Great idea Britt. I think we all reach that point every now and again, but most don’t do anything about it! Getting it out by putting it on paper always helps me too! Good luck :)

    • admin
      March 20, 2011

      I know how important it is to me to realize where I need to change to grow!! Thanks for being a supportive part of my journey!

  • Julie
    March 20, 2011

    Great post Britt! I think it is great to reflect back on the day. I like how you have it ending on a positive note of course. I will have to try this out myself. Good luck on your question journey!

  • Carin
    March 21, 2011

    I found myself at this point too, well, with where I neede to go. I recognized that I’d been distracted from the important things for way too long. Now I need to remove the distractions. I think I may join you on this. :)

    • admin
      March 21, 2011

      I know!! I’m right there with ya girl!!