Me Day.

by Friday, September 30, 2016

Remember when I talked about things to Refresh & Reboot in September? I decided to follow my own advice for once and it was just what I’ve needed. The other day, I took it a little further and had an entire “Me Day”. Yep, right at the end of the month I took a day off. Why? Because I needed it and I can. At the end of the month, I tend to get a little crazy, overwhelmed or stressed over business and the blog. Wednesday could’ve been that freak out day and I just wasn’t feeling it… After a few days of recovering from one night of thinking I was 22 again and could party until 4 a.m. and lack of sleep, I needed to detach.

I woke up at 6:30, got the kids ready, and off to school and contemplated climbing the stairs and heading right back for my bed as soon as I walked in the door. Instead, I poured another cup of coffee, lit my autumn candles, and sat down to color. Yes. Color. The FabFitFun Fall Box excited me with the Things Coloring Book and colored pencils. As I started searching for more colors from the kids’ coloring boxes, I remembered that I had my very own stash of Prisma Colors somewhere in the storage closet, in a tote, collecting dust. Off I went on a mission.


Me Day

With Kathy Lee & Hoda chatting & drinking wine in the background, I sat in my living room and let my creativity flow… for 2 hours. #Oops. One of my multiple failed attempts at a degree at my second university, I majored in Art, (planned for graphic design which took a hard U-Turn). Art has always inspired me, but the minute that I tried to make that a “life plan” I put it down and never went back. In those 2 hours that I spent coloring, shading, & creating something tangible, I felt that inspiration again, I felt rejuvenated and creative.   It reminded me that I feel inspired, motivated, and clear headed when I do things that I love just for the fun of it and because I love it, not because I have to.

Me Day

That time brought the “Me Day”. I spent the rest of the day reading blogs that I enjoy and can learn from, got my workout in, even took a shower and attempted to look presentable (hey, that’s a challenge more often than it should be). It allowed me time to think freely, to dream again, to remember my priorities and values, and be present in the moment. It was a Me Day and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, it inspired this blog post, so I guess I can say that I was actually productive! If there is something in your life that you’ve put on the back burner because you have “more important things to do” but bring you joy and love, make time for it. Making time to find your creativity and your passion again doesn’t mean that you’re not “adulting” and not moving forward. It means that your head is in a space to create joy and passion again in your heart without feeling guilty. Plan a day, or a few hours, per week to dig into something that you love but have given up and let yourself be free from the guilt of it, detach, and be in the moment. You may not believe it right now, but that Me Day will open you to more ideas, passion projects, or opportunities of growth and focus.

(Oh, and that tote collecting dust in the storage closet, will be opened again soon and regularly. I found things in there I haven’t looked at or thought about in years and it’s time to make art a creative priority because I love it not because I have to.)

Me Day