Louis Vuitton GM Agenda

by Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I’m admittedly the Hot Mess of the household when it comes to organization.  I don’t match my socks, I don’t fold my underwear or sports bras, I’m late for things.. a LOT.  So it’s very funny to me every year when I spend money on an agenda and I go really crazy for like 3 weeks of being organized, then it’s gone.  Thing of the past – POOF GONE.  I did what I always do in November, pre-ordered a planner that I knew I probably wasn’t going to take care of or utilize.  Then.. something crazy happened… My mentor Cara Alwill Leyba from The Champagne Diet became obsessed with the Louis Vuitton GM Agenda…. and monkey see monkey do… It became an obsession, videos, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest.. I was all over that.. Was I really going to drop serious money on something that I wasn’t sure I would use?

That’s when it really hit me, I needed this so that I would FORCE myself to use it.  I don’t own a single Louis Vuitton item (the exact handbag is on my dream list and I know exactly when I’m going to get it, but not there yet) this was insane to me that I was going to make an agenda my first LV piece.  After talking to Cara I realized it was no longer about the “luxury” of the item or trying to “show off” something about me or what I have.  It was about having something that made me feel “luxe” and if I feel luxe and I have this gorgeous investment, I would be a fool to not take care of it and utilize it to its fullest potential.  Luxe isn’t about a material item, it’s a feeling.. and that feeling is how I’m planning my 2016.  Investing in this high end item forces me to treat myself, my business, my life.. differently.


louis vuitton agenda

After a very stressful couple of weeks going back and forth and finding preloved ones that I loved and coming upon brand new ones available and unavailable, it happened.  The online SA set me up with a Louis Vuitton SA in Florida and it was on its way… Fedex took me on a roller coaster ride waiting for it and finally she was here in my hand… Then it was time to start designing.

Louis Vuitton Agenda

Organizing my Louis Vuitton GM Agenda


Random Notes – This section comes first and it’s where I keep some blank paper and jot quick notes down as I’m thinking of them.

Brain Dump – aka, “to do list” brainstorm.  Once a week I sit down and “dump” everything in my brain that I need to do for the week on to a sheet of paper and cross them off as I add them to my calendar & daily tasks list.  I also add more as I go throughout the week.

Bling Girl Diaries – This section is for all of my notes for my blog posts and newsletters.

Business Tracking – Notes, customer & client information, new contacts and other information on my monthly fitness challenge groups.

#LadyBoss Info – Notes & tracking on my coach team members’ business stats.

Goals – Monthly & Yearly business & personal goals.


Month View: I jot down important appointments, birthdays, and events on the 2 page water color calendar from Stationery Unicorn.

Daily View: This is where I keep everything I need to do in a day from my “Tah-Dah” list.  I use the Sessa Vee marble daily planner inserts.  I love the simplicity of taking only 1 or 2 priorities for your day and breaking them down into specific actions.  They’re concise, clean, and gorgeous.  I create each daily view the night before by taking items that were not completed that day and marking things off of my brain dump list.

Weekly View: I have the Filofax week on 2 pages view to keep track of my blog content calendar, my workout schedule, and appointments / reminders to add to daily list.

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3 Responses
  • Ke'Anna
    March 8, 2016

    I loved this post! Stay focused and keep going!!! You got this!

  • alisa
    March 8, 2016

    this is WONDERFUL. I love finding bloggers with the same style as me – I can always use the inspiration! Please post more about your GM if you can! <3 xox

  • Lexi Suba
    June 19, 2016

    I randomly found your blog and I am in love! I think I was searching for vision board inspiration? I’m a newer Beachbody coach ;) And a PLANNER ADDICT!! My golden bday is the 28th and I’m so tempted to invest in a luxe item…2016 is definitely our year, great post! And thank you for introducing me to Cara, now I’m obsessed with her blog, too lol