Last Call for Boarding

by Thursday, September 26, 2013

I just returned from my 4th trip across the country this year (one was internationally) and I’m exhausted! Are you a person that travels often? If you are you will understand the whole “I need a vacation from the vacation” aspect, even if you only travel once a year it still feels that way right?  This trip was my 3rd trip flying alone and I don’t mind flying, I love to travel so it’s really not a big deal to me, but I just get drained.  I have been home for 3 days now and the first two days weren’t so terrible, did need a little afternoon siesta, but by today dead tired to the world.  It’s awful.

1186191_10100456090333517_819601062_nI was in Dana Point, California for 5 days for a Leadership Conference with Beachbody.  I landed on Wednesday and we had some time Wednesday and Thursday to relax and I thought great I’ll spend it by the pool, no such luck weather was not really cooperative, still beautiful don’t get me wrong but just not “pool laying” weather if ya know what I mean.  So we did some lounging aorund the hotel (gorgeous Laguna Cliffs Marriot if you ever have a chance to go there do it) and did some Laguna Beach shopping.  Now of course I spent the time gawking and waiting for LC or Lo Bosworth to show up (yes I’m 28 and still obsessed with Laguna Beach and The Hills don’t hate), but no such luck. Our other days consisted of some leadership trainings and conferences. It’s really one of my favorite weekends of all of the traveling I do for work now that I completely enjoy every minute of and suck in as much information as possible. Plus we have a great time hanging out with the leaders of the company and just learning and bonding, it’s really an amazing time.

So being that it is a Beachbody conference, they cook up some unbelievable healthy food for us 537207_10100456091915347_41015342_nfrom, lean meats to vegan to gluten free, whatever your standard is you’re going to get it there they definitely spoil the hell out of us.  My problem is this, it does not matter how much, how little, how clean, how healthy I eat when I travel I balloon right up.  I swear I step off of the plane and I instantly gain 10 pounds and it’s all in the belly.  I spend all this time picking out great outfits and making sure I packed at least 5 pairs of heels to go with each outfit, and the event comes and all I want to do is throw my hair in a ponytail and go in sweat pants because I feel like I’m going to blow up at any minute.  I really cannot wrap my head around all of this logic.  The other kicker is that every time I go on a business trip we are blessed to have live workouts with our favorite trainers.  So I’m surrounding by super fit inspirational people, my favorite trainers (did PiYO & Turbo Fire with Chalene Johnson which I never get the opportunity to do) so I’m definitely not being lazy by any means! Now, I’ll go a little TMI for a quick second and say that I have been so LUCKY (note sarcasm) that every trip I’ve had this year has been on that wonderful girl’s best friend week.  Like really did she have to travel with me every where I went in 2013?! But, I digress. I can’t make that the 100% culprit though because of course the bloat begins and then I just continue with drinks and pastas and yes I even ordered a burger to my room one afternoon as well.

1238378_10100456090732717_113691947_nSo I am officially done traveling for the year.  My husband is an avid outdoorsmen and his deer hunting season begins next week so we have a good thing going where he doesn’t complain about my work travels and I just smile and say yes dear when he asks to go to deer camp.  Works right? I vow for the next 3 months to do as much research as I possibly can into crazy travel weight gain and exhaustion.  And I am open to any and all information that you may have for me.  Maybe you’re a consistent traveler and you’ve got this locked down and nailed or you’re looking into the best ways to stay skinny while you travel for an upcoming trip.  Whatever the situation may be, fill me in we need to chat for real!

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