Just a little four letter word…

by Monday, December 14, 2015

I hope you are having a fabulous day so far whether you’re reading this while enjoying your coffee or maybe it’s your lunch hour or you’re sipping a glass of rose while unwinding from the day, no matter where you are in this moment, settle in and let me open up to you a little about a very disgusting four letter word that begins with F….


…. No, it’s not THAT word… the word is FEAR.. Scary right? I can always tell when it’s time for me to open up one of my favorite books Fearless & Fabulous written by my mentor Cara Alwill Leyba.  It’s that moment when I sit back and realize that I have had a flood of emotions run through me in a day and they all stem from fear.  No one wants to feel that emotion right? But it’s one that I think we can all agree stings the most and holds us back from what we truly want in life.  Let me share just a few moments when I felt fear yesterday:

  • The handle on our oven  broke (temporarily being gorilla taped) I had a rush of fear that while trying to fix it we would break the glass, break the door, or worse yet have to order a new oven right before Christmas
  • I was terrified to put my new photos on my Facebook Page because once the cover photo changed The Bling Girl Diaries was a REAL thing and there was no going back
  • What would people think of my new profile picture? Oh that round face I have… Yikes.  Would people think I was “over doing it”
  • Why am I doing The Bling Girl Diaries? Why did I jump into something new? Is it going to flop? Am I going to fail?
  • Pinning & Planning my Christmas morning brunch for my family… Am I going to burn the meal? Is it going to be edible? Am I going to panic every day until it comes? Will it be an utter failure? Am I going over board?
  • Am I going to forget something major at the grocery store? Will my kids be insane in the busy store?

As you can see my fears ranged from total random and irrational (oven, grocery store, Christmas brunch..) to fears that could really hold me back from creating something amazing.  Do I know that this won’t fail? Absolutely not… Do I know if I’m making the right decision? Nope… But in my heart I FEEL that this is the right decision for me and if I let those fears take over and hold me back from moving forward I would never know and THAT is a failure… Quitting & falling victim to the fears is failure.

Last night while drafting this I was watching the Adele Live special.  A few of the things she said: I’m terrified… I tried to find the fire exit…. That was F*&King Hard….. You scare the shit out of me… Um.. HELLO – she’s Adele, could you IMAGINE the fear that was flowing through her body before she hit that stage to do that show? The FIRST show in 4 years and of course we sit back watching and think… PERFECTION right? Inside she’s crawling with FEAR and instead of saying “I’m out” she did it and she’s put herself out there once again.  THAT is fighting fear and of course it’s beautiful and I was crying like a baby.

FEAR is the most disgusting four letter word, it stops dreamers from dreaming, it stops people from living, it stops hearts from truly being in love… Let’s fight the fear together, promise me today you’ll do at least ONE thing that scares you! I want to hear from you! Comment blow and share with me your fear and what you are going to do to fight that today!