June Update

by Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I have managed to disregard the ONE promise that I was going to make to all of my readers and that is to keep up on my blog posts.  I’m not going to make excuses as to why I haven’t posted, because that’s just all they are is – excuses.

On to the updates for life.  Things have changed around our household.

1.  The running hobby is not looking so hot! I really want to register for the Packer 5K, however I haven’t even run a full 2 miles so I’m not necessarily sure that 5K will happen.  I guess we shall see.

2.  The daughter’s cast is off!!! YAY  We had the splint from the ER for 1 week, then a bright orange cast seen here (which for the record was supposed to have been pink but of course after the nurse mentioned pink, she realized she was out of pink).  She had the cast on for 2 weeks, we went back last week and were told that the cast could come off and a removable splint put on for 5 days.  Yesterday we finally took it off and she has a full useable arm again.  It’s interesting because before she broke it, she was a major lefty.  Now that it’s off I’m noticing that she is doing more things with her right.  Did we break her lefty habit?! OR maybe she’ll be an ambidextrous.  Only time will tell.

3.  Vegas Vegas Vegas.  I attended the Beachbody Coach Summit 2012 in Las Vegas this past weekend. It was UNREAL. Jam packed with a ton of meetings and celebrations, not much Vegas play time (which is probably better for me because even this weekend I managed to lose enough money gambling). I have a ton of photos and updates that I’ll share on TOMORROW’s blog post (YES I am blogging tomorrow I promise).

4.  Quite possibly the biggest change of all is that I am no longer working full time (well at this moment, this week, yes I am, but Friday is my last day of work).  I will officially be changing ranks of a full time working mom with a side job to a full time home office working mom! Which suits me much better.  How do I feel? Very excited, although very terrified.  I’m worried about finances, being bored, having enough time for my business while I’m trying to juggle kids, and most importantly being home full time with kids! I have many things coming on my plate, I’ve signed up for a copy writing workshop with The Middle Finger Project, ordered and received my NFPT (personal training) study materials and will begin preparing myself for certification, and my business is MORE than plentiful with big plans in action for the future.  So I think I’ll be kept busy enough not to want to hide in the bathroom and cry everyday!

So that’s life in a nutshell for the month of June.  I can’t believe I skipped blogging all month – I am TERRIBLY sorry and will not allow that to happen again (I promise!).

The next blog posts will talk about the exciting things I learned and experienced in Las Vegas and of course my transitions in life over the next couple of weeks.  Until then… hugs & kisses