iPhone 7 Review

by Sunday, September 18, 2016

It’s here. It’s finally here. We waited long enough for the iPhone 7 didn’t we? But the time is finally here. There were a ton of rumors surrounding what was going to change and most were pretty accurate it seems. Delivery day seriously felt like Christmas am I right? I planned my entire day around making sure I was here for the Fed Ex truck! #FirstWorldProblems You know when you are reading an iPhone 7 Review and it’s littered with technical information and specifics on the hardware and you’re like “uh.. just tell me if it’s cool or not”.  Yeah, this is not one of those types of reviews!  I prefer to play with techy stuff in a KISS manner ~ Keeping It Stupid Simple! #Wink

iPhone 7 Review

iPhone 7 Review

First, lets talk about why I chose the iPhone 7 instead of the iPhone 7 Plus; the reason is simple. I have small child hands! No getting around it. I prefer to be able to reach across the screen with one hand, and that is even a challenge for me since the size upgrade to 4.7”. Before I ordered my new phone I spent a little bit of time toying around with a friend’s 6 plus and that lasted all of 2 minutes. I enjoyed the ability to work from a bigger screen since I run my business on my phone often, but I couldn’t handle the size. The 4.7” fits perfectly and I don’t need to mess up a good thing over 7 plus jealousy!

iOS 10 has taken a little bit of getting used to. I previously had an iPhone 6 so I never experienced the 3D touch and quite frankly it took some Googling to figure out how it actually functioned. The neat effects in the new iMessage are fun to toy around with and I’m beginning to think that Apple doesn’t want anyone to be productive ever because it’s too addicting. If you’re still not sure how to get the most out of all of the features in iMessage, check out this link that I’ve used for some “inside information”.

iPhone 7 Review

The lock screen on iOS 10 has taken a little getting used to. I never used the slide to unlock feature on my phone, but that’s entirely gone now. Now you simply press the home button and use your finger ID or passcode to unlock (if you have that privacy setting enabled).   I also used to hit the home button to wake the screen and with the home button unlock, it opens it all the way up which is sort of annoying. But all it takes is getting used to actually using the sleep / wake button to do exactly what it’s for! #Wink While we’re talking about waking the phone – there is a “Raise to Wake” feature that is set to default. That was the first setting I went searching for to turn off. I don’t know about you, but I pick up and move my phone too often to watch it come alive every… single… time… All notifications are set up a bit differently on the lock screen as well. The 3D touch allows you to press and continue conversations on your lock screen or you can simply clear the notifications. Note that this does allow anyone the opportunity to open messages and answers, but that was also possible in a different style on iOS 9 as well so to me it’s not really that big of a deal.

You can read all of the articles and everything you want to, to get the details on all the specific iOS changes and techy info and I just want to keep this to my review instead of a “how to work your iPhone 7”. So lets talk about the hottest topic of the iPhone 7 lacking a headphone jack. I’m not a runner, I only use my Beats when I’m lifting or traveling, and I actually use the Apple ear buds for conference calls so honestly, it’s not a big deal. Apple provides you with the 3.5 mm to lightening port adapter (and if you were to lose that it’s only $9 to replace). I don’t think we all need to go losing sleep over a missing headphone jack. The adapter works fine and I plan to keep mine attached to my Beats headphones to keep from losing them. I don’t see any reason to go running out and spending $159 on the wireless Airpods because that’ll be the fastest I lose $159 in the history of losing money.

iPhone 7 Review

Other things to mention: water resistance, camera, screen, & sound.

Water Resistance: I have zero intentions to purposely test the water resistance of the iPhone 7 like the videos you can find on YouTube, but I’ll be sure to update when / if I ever drop it in the toilet or sink!

Camera: I haven’t taken many pictures with the iPhone 7 yet to really notice a major difference (most of your camera upgrade comes with the 7 plus anyhow) other than trying to figure out how to not take “live” photos! HA, I’ll get there. I never said I was an iPhone photographer.

Screen: The screen is mostly definitely sharper and brighter (to the point that it actually gave me a headache for the entire first day I had it). My eyes have now adjusted and I’m pretty impressed with the quality.

Sound Quality: Both the speakers and earpiece sound significantly better. I’ve turned all of my notifications and audio for videos or Snapchat down about a quarter or more than what it was on my iPhone 6. The speakers for playing music are clear and sound great.

To sum up my iPhone 7 Review, I’m already smitten.  A lot of the changes come with iOS10 so if you’re not in the place to get the upgrade I would begin there for the fun stuff. I don’t choose a phone based on all of the tech specs or the hardware and knowing what really goes on inside, I’m just going to admit that I’m an Apple junkie and I like to have the updates. I’m basic, chose the same size and same color (also purchased the same case I had on the iPhone 6) but it’s definitely worth the upgrade if you can!

Let me know what you think of the iPhone 7. Which size & color did you choose?