Yes, I Left Instagram

by Monday, August 8, 2016

It truly feels like a lifetime since I last posted on Instagram.. (or the blog I guess for that matter sorry!). But maybe it’s because the last photo I posted on Instagram was June 13th.. so a good 2 months ago? Wow. I can’t say that I was ever a person completely infatuated with Instagram, I felt more in my “zone” over on Facebook and sometimes Pinterest just strikes a cord.. we all have a “season” right? And unfortunately the sunniest season for picture taking was not my Instagram season, so I left Instagram..I left Instagram

I didn’t go all crazy and deactivate my account, but I went radio silent… Why did I leave Instagram for 2 months? Well, first I should say I was feeling way overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the social media platforms that I wanted to be a part of. I ran around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off just trying to keep up and the changes along the way with Facebook kept me WAY busier than I should’ve been. So a breather from chaos was a big part of it…. But honestly, I felt like I had lost myself on Instagram.Seems silly right? Like who really makes that big of a deal over what content is being shared on Instagram? But it’s the truth. I lost sight of ME on there. I spent too much time worrying about getting the “perfect” photo or getting more likes, and more followers.

If you look at my Instagram you see sometime in the spring there was a HUGE shift in the way my content looked… streamlined it all in these “cool” colors, a loss of warmth, high on the bright & contrast, making sure they all “looked” the same because isn’t that what the “gurus” tell you to do? Do you know how much WASTED time there was making sure those photos looked the same? Hello… I’d like to hire someone to edit photos and give me my time back, please and thanks! #Wink Then I started looking through those photos WHY was I taking away the vibrancy and the warmth on photos? Did someone tell me that was a great thing to do when I was editing with my Snapseed app? Or deep down did I have this blah feeling that left me wanting to see everything a little “darker, a little “cooler”?

Next was the feeling of inadequacy… that comparison bitch came flying in daily every time I looked at my Instagram.. why does she have more followers? Why does her tribe swarm to her Instagram? Why not me? … It must be because I don’t do anything exciting… I don’t have exciting things to share on Instagram. I’m a stay at home mom that does the same thing every day, eats the same food every day, drinks out of the same coffee mug every day.. what sets ME apart? #Crickets…

I left Instagram

Instagram became a place where I felt that I was challenging myself but always losing, to myself. The inner me wasn’t happy with what I was putting out there and as hard as I was trying to “follow the rules” of Instagram, I just couldn’t feel good about it… So I left Instagram…

It’s only been recently that I’ve popped back in there to scroll the newsfeed, to review my photos (deleted some) and really came to the realization to create this post and know that I can now go back to Instagram (and no it’s not for the Instagram stories #wink, I haven’t even updated that shit I’ll stay on snapchat! Follow me on there —-> BGIESAU). Change neeeds a break to really step away and say “wow, what the fuck were you doing?” because we don’t see it right in front of us all the time… So yes, I left Instagram… but I’m going back.. I’m going back with warmth, a full heart, vibrancy, and the reminder that just because I do the “same things” every day doesn’t make me Instagram inadequate… because you just might be that person that drinks out of the same mug, eats the same food, and does the same routine every day and if I can reach YOU to know that you are more than the “same” then I’ve done my job! #XOXO

I left Instagram