I can’t be a "Coach" I’m not fit!!!

by Thursday, November 11, 2010

A common misconception about becoming a Beachbody Coach – “I can’t possibly become a coach because I’m not fit yet and I’m just starting out.” So untrue! To tell you the truth – there is a HUGE advantage to just starting out your fitness journey and becoming a coach.  Often times people that want and need to lose weight and become fit are ashamed of the way that they look and feel and won’t feel comfortable taking advice from someone that is in perfect shape. People want to see a gradual progress, they want to have someone to stay accountable with, they don’t want to have a person that they are trying to become because that can be upsetting if they aren’t EXACTLY the way they’re “mentor” looks. If you put yourself out there at the very beginning as a coach and say ya know what, I want to do this WITH you, I want to build a team that wants to be WITH me and wants to set and achieve goals together, you are going to build so fast! Then you are able to bring people with you and all be on the same page, logging in your workouts together, looking towards each other for more help and support, and you are achieving your goals TOGETHER. People want to have someone to go to that they can lean on and say – hey guess what I had a bad day today and I just thought maybe you could relate. And unless you are in the best shape of your life and you are that uber fit coach – you will be able to relate with that person and you will be able to connect with them on a level that others may not. They will be looking to you because they look LIKE YOU!! You will be setting an example for others that everyone starts at the same place, no one was born in perfect shape, and you can do it together!