How to Create a Kick Ass Vision Board

by Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I always thought that a vision board was one of those things that I could throw some pictures together, mash them all up, play graphic designer for a bit and BOOM all of my hopes & dreams were going to come true.  Wouldn’t that be great? Obviously, there HAS to be work involved to achieve the things that you place on that vision board but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  I want to share with you some easy steps how to create a kick ass vision board.

First things first: what IS a vision or dream board? Well, it’s typically a “board” that has a collection of pictures or words that you place where you can see it every day to inspire you to achieve your goals. Simple enough right? #Wink

On a larger scale, a vision board is a representation of things that you want to achieve and feel in your life.  It’s a daily reminder of what keeps you going in life, what wakes you up and gets you out of bed each and every day.  When you visualize what you want in life you can get real deep and have the feelings and meaning behind each thing, but when you put it on a vision board you’re not only feeling it every now and then but you really feel it each time you look at it.

How do I Create a Vision Board?

Well, I’m glad you asked #Smile.  A vision board can take on many different forms and it comes down to what fuels you the most. Creating your vision board online  is great because you can save the pictures to your desktop or phone, but this year I took a different route and got hands on. (I shared my favorite tools at the bottom to create an online vision board). To prep for your vision board you need the following:

  • Poster Board
  • a TON of magazines – I suggest asking friends and family if they have extras lying around the house, or you can buy them cheaper usually at a library or get used ones from a doctor’s office if you ask politely! If you’re really serious, get to a bookstore or grocery store and be ready to ante up the cash! Some of my favorites this year were: O Magazine, Redbook, Marie Claire, Glamour, Shape, Women’s Health
  • Glue (Not Elmer’s school glue! Your pieces will get crinkly).  I used Rubber Cement, you can use a glue stick as well, but they might begin to peel after time
  • Scissors

Now you’re prepped and ready to go! So here are 5 easy steps how to create a kick ass vision board:

  1. Sit and BE STILL and think… Yes, this step is CRUCIAL.  It’s the stepping stone to set your intention for your board.  It may be just one word that comes to your head how you want to feel, it may be a list of goals that you want to achieve, or things you just want to do for fun! But do NOT skip this step
  2. Flip through your magazines.  You don’t need to spend a ton of time on each page because you’re looking for things that jump out at you.  For example, if one of your goals is to lose 10 pounds in 3 months, you may find words like MOTIVATE or GYM TIME or a photo of a yummy healthy meal or someone working out that inspires you.  You’re really just going through to find words or pictures that jump out and grab you! When you find something you love grab the scissors and go to town.  Have a nice big stack to choose from.
  3. Go through your images and start to lay the out on your board.  Here you can cut them into various shapes and begin creating your layout.  When you start looking at them on your board you’re going to see how they lay out if you have multiple “themes” to your vision board you can section them across the board or lay them out all over.  This is time to dig into the creative YOU so have fun with this step!
  4. Begin Glueing your images! Once you feel inspired and excited about your layout grab that glue and go to town.
  5. Hang your Vision Board where you will see it every day! Optional – Put your vision board in a pretty frame to spice it up & make it glamorous

FullSizeRender 4

My January 2016 Vision Board

Who Should Create a Vision Board?

Anyone that is clear about their goals and intentions or completely lost on what they want out of their life! A vision board can help you really hone in on specific goals and remind you daily to work hard to achieve them or the process of creating a vision board can help you go from “I’m Lost” to “I’m Focused”.

When Should I Create a Vision Board?

I typically like to create a new vision board / set of goals every 6 months.  January and July are my go to times, but you can choose any “season” in your life (ex: maybe your birthday, anniversary, etc.).  Also anytime you add something new that’s big in your life like a new career or workout, also a great time to create a new vision board.

Does My Vision Board Need to have a Theme?

Absolutely not! But you’re more than welcome to create theme specific boards.  These may end up a little smaller than a general vision board and that’s totally fine.  This is YOUR Vision Board, create what makes you feel Fabulous.

Can I Do This With My Kids?

YES, a thousand times YES.  This year was the first year that I invited the kids along on my vision board journey and they had a blast.  We went to the bookstore to choose magazines together, they picked their own poster boards, and we had family night in my office on the floor cutting and glueing away.  During this time we talked about what a vision board really was, they shared the things that they wanted to do over the next year and what they want to be when they grow up.  Their vision boards turned into more of a creation of things that they love and that’s okay! (Macy decided she wants to be a zoo keeper and Hunter just wants to go on a big deer hunt!) It was their masterpiece and they loved the process!

FullSizeRender 4

Kids’ first Vision Boards 2016

There are a TON of ways to make a collage photo online.  A couple of my favorites are PicMonkey, Canva or the O Dream Board (I can’t seem to find the online software link anymore but google it and start digging!).  Pinterest is not only for clustering foods, crafts, and home design either! It is an amazing way to create vision boards that inspire you to get shit done! Check mine out here: Bling Girl Diaries Pinterest

I hope you enjoy your Vision Board creating process and tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see your finished project! If you’ve already created a vision board I would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below!