Game Plan Training – Chicago 2010

by Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early November of 2010, I had the opportunity travel with my coach, Mindy Wender to Chicago via the Chevy Tahoe for 5 hours (though the ride back took us about 6.5, we wont get into that today!) for a Game Plan Training. Now if you are currently a Beachbody Fitness coach, you know that the Game Plan is our 10 commitments to success in this business, and if you are not yet a coach, you’re thinking well what’s so great about going to a business training??    Well, the awesome thing about training with this business is that not only are you growing your business to make yourself more money, but you are growing in personal development so much that you dont even realize it. So often I hear other coaches talk about how they would actually PAY for the amount of personal development that Beachbody has given us and it is rightfully so. The leaders in this business lead by example. The best thing to be successful in this business is to learn, lead, and share. If I as a leader am not doing my commitments to this business, how can I expect my coaches to do the same? I can’t!

So anyways, we went to Chicago for this training and met with Hillary Kelly who flew into the windy city all the way from Conneticut to hang out with us for the wknd, as well as a couple of other coaches on our team. It was great to all get together and finally meet face to face with some of these top coaches in the business. Now I will totally admit, this was my first ever Beachbody Corporate Event so if I seemed a little “star struck” and giddy to the top coaches, I probably was (Hillary Kelly I apologize for possibly seeming like a school girl!!). But, getting with these coaches and really getting to know them, made me realize that we all have the same things at hand, we are getting the same trainings, we are talking about the same programs, we are building the same relationships and we are all doing so because we want everyone out there to feel as satisfied and successful as we do, by making our choice to get fit and healthy.

If you ever have an opportunity if you are currently a coach, thinking about becoming a coach, were a coach and maybe want to try again, to get to an Event, any event from Beachbody doesn’t matter – do it. You will not regret the connections, relationships, and growth that you will receive from spending 1 hour, day, or weekend with the successful peeople that are leading by example to help drive your motivation. The feeling that you will get when you leave the room is simplied as DO MORE. So here is an example of the motivation and the WHY of this business… I would love for you to comment below and leave me YOUR WHY!!!