Friendly Facebook Tips

by Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook fears: You know that moment, when you accidentally post something and you quickly realize it’s not to whom or where you wanted it to go and that rush of fear takes over trying to figure out who saw what before you hit remove?  Yep, that was me. And it gave me a great thought to share a couple of simple Facebook reminder steps.


1.   If you’re running a business via social media, make sure that you keep your personal-personal stuff, well, personal and your normal personal life available for people to see YOU and not just your business all day everyday.

2.   If you receive a mean comment, post, or someone tagged you in an awful photo the beauty of Facebook is that you can quickly hit remove and or delete just like that and it’s as if it was never there.

3.  Be sure that you know who you’re speaking to before speaking (if ya know what I mean)

4.  Do NOT be ashamed, upset or hurt when someone tells you, “Sorry I had to hide your posts they were driving me nuts” remember that you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and frankly if you don’t like seeing their posts either, do yourself a favor and just unfriend!

5.  Facebook does NOT have an “are you sure you want to post this” before you hit post or submit (really it should, especially for those nights when a bottle of wine is calling my name) so really make sure that what you’re posting is a. in the right place, b. appropriate to speak to the entire world and c. a vision of who you are!!!

6.  Oh and last but not least – just one for the ladies, please don’t complain that you get hounded by jerk after jerk after jerk then show us nothing but cleavage pics all the time, hello! You asked for it!!!

QOD: No need to post the exact situation, but have you ever posted something that you meant to post in a private setting? How did you feel?