Forget the Bump in the Road

by Friday, June 1, 2012

When running a home business, being head of the household and working full time, there are obviously going to be times in our lives when we need to step back from 1 thing and focus more attention on something else.  This past week has been a huge example of that for me and I’d like to share my experience of how I made it through without losing my mind! (well, that part is still out with the Jury *wink*). About 6 months ago I became VERY particular on my time management for EVERY single moment of my day.  Emails for my business were not going to get answered during my family time, my date night with my husband was not going to be interrupted by Facebook, and my business hours were limited so I had to stay on task for each minute allowed.  This week all of that went out the window.   I was scheduled to be out of town Saturday and Sunday, graduation party Sunday night and Monday was my daughter’s birthday.  I would be ready to kick Tuesday’s ass and get back to business before the end of the pay week and more importantly the end of the month.  Then I ended up in a hospital for 4 hours on Tuesday night and all I have thought about the rest of the week during my business hours is to sleep!

Yesterday I was really beating myself up over some things that I may or may not have been able to control with my business, and had a mini meltdown.  But as I think about it now, I am telling myself that it’s okay, it’s okay to breathe, it’s okay to have meltdown, and it’s okay to have a bump in the road.  One thing I enjoy about having a successful home business is that it’s okay that I can take a few days off and my business isn’t going to fall apart, especially when “taking time off”.  The biggest thing is that I have pulled myself back together and ready to push forth with my business and get myself back on track.  I am going to keep daily notes on what I’m doing with my business again, get back to tracking important information and using the timer on my iPhone again to make sure that I am using my business hours wisely.

Life is always going to hand you unexpected circumstances no matter how big of a planner you are and the best thing that we can do is just to breathe in and out (or have a mini meltdown if you prefer!!!) and remind ourselves that it’s okay.  We cannot and will not ever be Super Moms that do it ALL; There will always be a Kryptonite, it just depends on how we handle it and decide whether it will break us down or just be a bump in the road.

QOD: Do you have mini meltdowns or just roll with the punches?  How does this affect your business?