Five Things. March 2016

by Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It’s Tuesday! Welcome to the first installment of Five Things.  This series is one that I’m really excited about.  Every first Tuesday of the month you can expect to see some of my favorite things that I’m totally obsessed with (throughout the month you can see others on Instagram with my hashtag #BGDObsessedWith use it!).  There’s never going to be a “theme” or rhyme or reason to what I’m sharing I can promise you that! You’ll find luxury items, beauty, mom / kid stuff, ways to relax, fitness.. the list goes on and on, the point is I’m obsessed with these Five Things and i want to share them with you!

PicMonkey Collage


Louis Vuitton Monogam GM Agenda – I’ll be posting a blog with more details on the inserts & how I’ve organized my new baby next Tuesday so come back and check that out.  This purchase was a MAJOR splurge, but I’ll explain more why I did it in the LV Agenda post.

Reese’s Eggs – I’m so thankful that it’s Easter time because this is when I stock up on these delicious candies.  There really is nothing like a Reese’s Egg and I have no shame when I say that I treat myself to one almost daily.

Chance by Chanel – I now officially have too many perfumes (is that actually possible?) but this one has been on my wish list since Christmas time.  Thankfully Valentine’s Day came and it was an easy gift “from my husband” #Wink.. Aka – I told him I was buying it for me from him. The smell is amazing and lasts on my skin and clothes much longer than any other spray I’ve had.

Sessavee Daily Planner Inserts – I waited a little while for these while they were on pre-order but they are well worth the wait.  I love the simplicity of keeping my daily tasks on a simple 2 priority plan and they are GORGEOUS in this marble.

Justin Bieber – Yes… I said it.  I’m not quite yet a “Belieber” but the boy did good on the “Purpose” album.  Try it… You just may surprise yourself.