Five Things. April 2016

by Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 Things I'm Obsessed With


This month is a little collection of things giving me LIFE right now, really inspiring & motivating me with some things I’m just basically obsessed with.

My Vision Board – I shared a blog post on How to Create a Kickass Vision Board and at that time put this one together, but I hadn’t hung it.  I wasn’t feeling super inspired or motivated so I got my shit together and stuck it right behind my computer so I’m looking at it every moment I’m working.  It’s reminding me to keep going & really lighting the “spark” #Wink

Valentino Knock Offs – Nope definitely didn’t pay hundreds of dollars on these babies, $25 at Charlotte Russe #ThumbsUp That’s how I roll – now the snow just needs to stop so I can wear them.

Kitchen Herb Garden DIY Kit – This kit is AMAZING I’m in love with it and getting up and running today.  The box is super cute as well as functional. This came in the Spring #FabFitFun Box (box review coming this week!).  If you want your #FabFitFun Box you can click here!

Fresh Lillies – I can have 15 diffusers going in my house and there’s NOTHING better than the smell of fresh lilies.  I smelled these as I was perusing the wine on my grocery shopping trip today and had to have them.  The smell of the lilies makes me happy and light me up to be working in my office

Mrs Dash Spicy Jalepeno Seasoning – Follow me often? It’s not a secret I eat eggs.. a LOT and like them spicy.. This seasoning has been the PERFECT addition to my morning breakfast!


*Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated or sponsored by any of the brands listed here.   Just #ObsessedWith & love to share!