Fit Men Cook App Review

by Monday, May 11, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I received the honor to test out a brand new healthy eating and recipe app from Kevin Curry, founder of FIT MEN COOK. I stumbled across Kevin on Instagram when I was searching for healthy and clean recipes that didn’t take hours to prepare and I didn’t have to be Betty Crocker with 25 ingredients to put something together. The bright vibrant colors and quick videos instantly lead me to following Kevin and trying out some recipes.

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Fit Men Cook App

On May 12, 2015 the Fit Men Cook App will officially launch in iTunes for iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch. I have been testing out the app for the last couple of weeks and it is INCREDIBLE. Here are some of my favorite features:

Search Tool

I can simply enter in “turkey” and all of the recipes that have turkey as an ingredient come up listed with bright photos as an example.

Add to Shopping Photo May 03, 9 48 08 AM

This is my absolute FAVORITE tool of the entire app. Usually when I’m meal planning for the week, I make my list of recipes then I have to list everything out to go into it then transfer that to a grocery list. Fit Men Cook App makes it simple to review a recipe, hit “add to shopping” and BOOM there is your entire list on your in app shopping list categorized by areas of the grocery store. What’s even better is if you re looking at recipes on your iPad at home, add to shopping and bring your phone along with you to the grocery store it will automatically sync to your iPhone and between devices

Meal Prepping Tools

I’ll be the first to admit that when I start meal prepping, I had no clue how to cook the bulk food, measure things out and make the meal prep process a little easier on myself. When I started testing out the app I was BLOWN away by the genius ideas that Kevin shares for meal prepping on the app.


Of course if you go to Fit Men Cook (or follow him on Instagram) you know that Kevin is big on videos and there are plenty of videos within the recipes to help you create the beautiful foods within the app.Photo May 11, 9 48 56 AM


Whether you are a broke college student looking for budget friendly foods, a beast in the gym working on gains, or just trying to find some delicious snacks the categories are laid out perfectly to find the best recipe for you!

Fit Men Cook App Launch

Again, the Fit Men Cook App will launch in iTunes on May 12th and you do NOT want to miss out on this app! SHARE THIS POST on your social media avenues to help us get the word out!


I was not paid to endorse this app. Fit Men Cook provided a beta test version for exchange of a review and testing. The information and opinions shared are mine alone.