Fit Family Lifestyles Month: Guest Blogger

by Monday, January 27, 2014

As a mom, my biggest reasons to be healthy and fit are two little angels. A parent is the biggest influence in a child’s life whether it’s to live a healthy lifestyle, make smart decisions in life, or on the other side of the coin, making unhealthy choices. January is Fit Family Lifestyles Month and I’m excited to have guest blogger Kendra Thornton here to share some of her tips for traveling with a fit family.

Kendra is a travel advocate, PR businesswoman, Travel spokeswoman, and strong and fit mama of 3. Talk about being the ultimate professional Bling Girl persona right? She regularly appears on nationally syndicated news channels to offer tips on travel, and today she is here to share with us her top tips to travel while providing a Fit Family Lifestyle.

As the mom to three busy children, I find it impossible not to be active myself! I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of when my family life gets hectic, and focus on the type of foods my kids are eating and what kinds of daily activities they involve themselves in. Since it is Fit Family Lifestyles Month, I decided to compile a list of tips for keeping the whole family healthy when traveling together – since my family is known for hitting the road!

1. Get exercise and plenty of fresh air.

On any trip, try to make sure that you and the kids can spend time exercising outdoors. On road trips, I do this by planning stops at parks and other recreational areas. It gives the kids a great way to run off their extra energy, and it helps everyone get some much-needed exercise. Even when the weather is chilly out – I try to bring a lot of car games along with us…active minds tend not to kids being so restless!

2. Bring along your own healthy snacks.

When traveling, make sure to avoid the pitfalls of fast-food and quicky mart snacks. Instead, pack easy-to-eat, healthy snacks. My kids love homemade trail mix with wholesome nuts, dried fruit and a few M&Ms mixed in. We also enjoy bananas and other fresh fruit as well as cheese sticks and whole-grain cereal or crackers. I am a huge fan of packing granola bars in my purse too to give them that extra boost of energy.

3. Be good to your own feet.

Leave the high heels at home when you go on a family vacation. Activities like chasing the kids through the park and sneaking out for an early morning run before the kids wake up are all easier in tennis shoes. I always find it easier wear my comfy shoes or sneakers on our travel day – this way you don’t have to pack them and you can be most effective on your feet.

4. Bring along those creature comforts.

When traveling with my youngest, I make sure to bring along the items that help the little one sleep at home. These items might include favorite bedding, a pacifier, a nightlight or a bedtime storybook. Familiar items make bedtime easier no matter where you roam.

5. Plan ahead.

Over planning can make everyone stressed out, but planning ahead to a certain extent will eliminate many problems. Plan for regular meal breaks. Schedule outings to family-friendly places. If you have young children who need their afternoon nap, plan time out in the middle of the day for everyone to rest before evening activities.

I love fitness; so naturally, I’m excited to observe Fit Family Lifestyles Month. I hope these tips have inspired you. What do you plan to do in observance of this month? Make your own list, including things that you and your family enjoy doing together.

~ Kendra Thornton

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How are you being active with your family during Fit Family Lifestyles Month?