The Bling Girl’s Guide to the Final Week of Summer Vacation

by Friday, August 26, 2016

While I’m wrapping up my final week of summer vacation home with my kids, I know that there are a lot of you out there that are rounding the corner and come Labor Day they’ll be off. So why not kick off my newest series “The Bling Girl’s Guide To….” With a little survival guide to the final week of summer vacation right? Let me start off by saying yes as you know I am a work from home mom so it’s been a LONG summer. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and I actually wish we weren’t starting a week early this year because I enjoy my time home with them, but let’s be honest… It’s time for them to go! Oh and last point, those of you that have kids going off to Kindergarten, I feel you.. You may not agree with a lot of what I’m about to share, because you’re blinded by the “my baby’s not ready yet” syndrome, but I bet if you bookmark this, set a reminder in your calendar for next year, you’ll get it… You’ll be feeling it too. #Wink So pour a glass of wine, settle in and get ready for:

The Bling Girl’s Guide to the Final Week of Summer Vacation

  1. Grocery Shop on Sunday. Give yourself a little “pre-school” celebration by running through Starbucks and grocery shopping sans children. Basically you’re just going to have a parade through the aisles remembering that you don’t have to listen to them say “I’m Hungry.. Can we have a snack? When’s lunch? What’s for dinner?” multiple times a day while purchasing their “last meals”.
  2. Don’t Plan Any Outdoors Activities. Seems silly right? But clearly when we’re trying to get that last pool day in or just need an hour of peace and quiet while they’re outside it’s going to rain. All. Week. Long. So don’t even plan it.
  3. Schedule a Play Date. It is the end so why not let them have friends over because they only asked for sleepovers and friends over all summer and that happened like twice. However, you’ll quickly remember that you’re thankful you only have your kids because any more than that is much too hard to handle. (Say a little prayer for your kid’s teacher while you’re at it.)
  4. They’re Not Excited to go to School. No matter what way you try to twist it, it’s just not going to happen, so don’t even bother wasting your breath.
  5. Get the School Clothes Ready. You know that you would go back to elementary, middle or high school if that meant you got an entire new wardrobe right? I know I would! They’ll watch you take all the tags off, fold them, hang them strategically in their closets, and proceed to plan out which outfit they’re going to wear every day for the first month of school. There’s also an age where they’re just really excited to share their new wardrobe with everyone (and when I say age, apparently it’s 10 and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE that walks in your house). Remind them daily: do not touch anything in your closet and do not wear your shoes until it’s time for school.
  6. Yes, Everyone Will Ask This Question. “Who did Josie get for her teacher?” Sure it’s cute after the first text, or the second Facebook message, but by the 10th person that has either asked you or tagged you in a status you’ll want to smash your iPhone. It’s cool moms – they’ll find out the first day, hell probably even orientation so lets just leave that for first day surprises shall we?

*Insert Glass of Wine Here


  1. Print out that School Supply List & Open Your Wallet. Oh that damn list. I swear it gets longer and longer and more specific every single year. I feel sorry for those of you that have more than 1 kid. Unfortunately it’s not the teacher’s fault, so I get it. How about we do something with the PTA moms to start funding more for these kids right? (I’ll be sure to pass that on when the next person asks me to join the PTA).
  2. Wind Back the Sleep Schedule. “Mom why do we need to go to bed at 9:00?! It’s still summer” (hell, it is probably still light out too). Why? I’ll tell you why. Mommy needs to have some peace and quiet again before she goes to bed, and I don’t want to deal with you being a tired ass when the alarm starts going off at 6:15 next week that’s why.
  3. Trip to the Movie Theater. Remember when I said it was going to rain so forget the outdoor activities? It’s still true. So you have a fleeting moment where you’re like, hey, lets go see a movie this afternoon. Just forget it. After $150, 2 sugar filled kids, and a movie that you could’ve slept through you remember why you wait until things come out on DVD, or Netflix.
  4. Schedule a Date Night. Gyour sitter ready and schedule something this week before school starts. You’re going to need it because this is going to be a hell of a week, but also when the kids go back to school life is going to get crazy and who knows when it’ll happen again. Schedule it, pick out your outfit ahead of time, and enjoy a night with the hubs.
  5. Craft Day is a Mess. If you wanted to be mom of the year and do crafts with the kids, you should’ve started in June, don’t start now. It’ll cost you a fortune to get everything you need, nothing will ever look like it does on Pinterest, and it’s a freaking mess. Yes I know it’s still raining, let them watch TV and take a nap.
  6. Cleaning or Cooking just isn’t Happening. I would let your husband know ahead of time that this just isn’t going down this week. Yes, you’re going to have frozen pizzas by Wednesday. No your laundry hasn’t been done. I really don’t plan to put any exertion into the house so just don’t ask. If he is REALLY having a hard time with it just bat your lashes, tear up a little and remind him that this is your final week of summer vacation with your babies and you’re trying to savor every single moment with them. You’re Welcome.

**Drink More Wine Now.

The Bling Girls Guide


  1. They’re Excited to go to School. By Tuesday or Wednesday they’ll actually be excited to go to school (well, it’ll fluctuate by the minute but there’s hope). Maybe it’s the new clothes and supplies, maybe it was that play date, or hell the early bedtime is starting to work with better attitudes! Whatever it is, they’re loving it now and they’ll ask you every hour what day they go, how many days left, and what day it is today.
  2. Now They’re Asking That Question. “Mom, who is in my class? Did Johnny’s mom tell you if he’s in my class? Who does Suzie have for a teacher?” And they’ll look at you to send that text or Facebook message immediately to find out. Don’t cave. Because once you do, then you’ve become that mom referenced in number 6.
  3. Your Diet Will Fail. You went grocery shopping on Sunday and bought all of your normal healthy meal plan foods. On Monday before your lunch you meal prepped the shit out of the chicken, veggies and rice and it’s all in containers ready for you to devour. And now it’s Wednesday and you haven’t cooked since meal prep day (microwave doesn’t count) and you’re like… “Fuck it… I’m going to eat this Jack’s pizza, drink wine and go to bed. I’ll be back on my meal plan when they’re in school.” It’s all right. I’ve been there. #Wink
  4. Sing in the Rain. It’s still raining and you need to get them out of the house. Send them out to play in the rain because it’s only drizzling, or sprinkling, and now it’s pouring. In they come and thankfully they take their shoes off on the porch outside because they’ve been taught well, but in the mean time they let the dog run in the door and he has now tracked mud from the door all the way to your living room, around the couch and back outside. No one really likes to sing in the rain anyway right?
  5. Repeat the Clothing Conversation. You will find your 7 year old that is going on 17 thumbing through her closet and trying on her school shoes to tromp around the house in while the 10 year old is now showing his friend, that is over again for another play date, his new Jordans and the discussions on how they’re much cooler than Currys ensues. This isn’t the first time you’ve reminded them to not touch their clothes and not wear their shoes and it won’t be the last.
  6. Pack the Backpacks. It’s finally time. I suggest to do this at least a couple of days earlier than the night before because then it’s done and hopefully you can bring some in to the classroom during orientation. I mean, there’s hundreds of dollars in that backpack do we really need them to lose it on the first day?
  7. Meet the Teacher Day. They’re going to be shy, it’s going to be awkward. They’re going to want to know who is in their class and check every nametag on every single desk because… well, reread numbers 6 & 14. All the while you’re just looking at the teacher with a smile on your face thinking: you poor thing, tomorrow they are no longer mine and I feel for you but not too much.
  8. Take 5. Take 5 minutes to feel sad that you’re going to miss your kids. Take 5 minutes to feel guilty that you didn’t do all the things that you wanted to with them. Take 5 minutes to wish it wasn’t really over. But when that 5 minutes is done, be grateful that you have them, be amazed at how much they’ve grown, and know that you are an amazing mama and THEY are lucky to have you, no matter what!Bling Girls Guide


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