#EatLiftBeHappy Ch. 3

by Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January January January.. “New Year New Me”… BLAH… no thanks LOL.. New Year… Same me… Why no change? Because I made changes MONTHS ago and the things I need to “change” are little things like consistency.. cutting out a lot of alcohol… (not ALL, just a lot less than what I was having)… #EatLiftBeHappy saga continues.. and in case you missed the other chapters.. here you go:

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I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated and I can’t really explain why. I had other things I was writing about and then I just took some time off towards the end of the year to enjoy my holidays and really be present. I didn’t want to drive myself crazy over deadlines and work hours. When people work out of the home, they have vacation days too right? I may have been hanging around taking time off, but behind the scenes my fitness was NOT taking a backseat.


The last update I did was the end of October and since then it’s a weird balance between a lot has changed but not much has changed. What hasn’t changed: lifting, eating food, and being happy… What has changed: my macros, my consistency and my style of workouts.

Lets talk food first. In November I went to my macro coach (AmandaMarieFit) and said listen, I’ve been following along this “guide” for awhile on and off and I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it with meaning this time… I’m ready to be focused and really make a difference in my body. And with that, I was committed… I signed up with her as a regular client*, we talked about my goals, my workouts, and she created new numbers for me. Have I been perfect all the time? Nope. But IIFYM allows me to “intuitively” eat without driving myself crazy. Yes I know I need to be more consistent and I need to get my eating schedule under control because that’s a mess and I need to eat more veggies… oh and I need to cut back on alcohol LOL… but, end result is it’s working and it works for me.

*You may be wondering, how does this girl who claims to be a Beachbody Coach and wants to help me along my journey think it’s okay that she goes to someone else to help her? Really? If there ever comes a point in my life where I DON’T need someone to help ME… then I should probably just stop everything I’m doing. We all need someone to coach us… we all need someone to remind us when we’re being crazy… we can’t do it all on our own all the time because when we do – we lose steam and break down. I am a better person to help YOU when I’m getting help myself.

And now it’s time to talk LIFTING. When I posted the last update I discussed ChaLean Extreme because that’s what I was doing and I wanted to complete the entire 90 days by the book… but guess what? The workout crazy person came out and she decided to start chopping everything up into a million pieces. I didn’t enjoy working multiple areas at once, I felt REALLY good in the push phase where it was one muscle group at a time. Then I was listening to Chalene Johnson on Snapchat & her podcast (link below) about different body types and how certain exercises are not “one size fits all”. I mean yes I knew that, we all know that… But, I didn’t feel at the point where I was that I was really seeing results and I was starting to dislike my workout again. So I made some changes over the last couple of months. I am following ChaLean Extreme push phase circuits. I’m lifting 4-5 times per week with some PiYo mixed in on the other days. But I’m doing it my way. Instead of just doing the 45 minute push workouts the way they’re laid out on the DVD I decided to take it up to 12 reps per exercise (aka body part), complete the entire circuit and repeat the circuit for 3 sets (hoping by February to move that up to 4 sets). This is working for me (Disclaimer: I AM NOT a personal trainer… I discussed this with my coach and I do not suggest you follow my workout because it’s creating results. The program is already designed for everyone to lift. Any modifications need to be discussed with a trainer).

The Chalene Show: November 9, 2016: Your Body Type Affects Your Results

Each week I’m feeling a little stronger and able to build on my weights, but there are still days where I feel super weak and if I don’t get all of the sets completed or I take more breaks or I lower my weights, that’s okay. I’m going by how my body FEELS. Over the holidays I did not track macros at all but I was still working out (minus 2 or 3 missed days) and unfortunately drinking… a lot. I never gained… I felt a little bloated and definitely muscle weakness, but I never gained a pound

I’m going to throw this WAY back today, but here are some results since I started in August… The girl on the left was broken… mentally & physically. There was no energy… Tired ALL the time. Ate like absolute shit on the regular. The girl on the right is strong… mentally AND physically. She’s creating a new life and a new body and a new outlook on the future. She sees opportunity to climb over the walls that held her back. She sees optimism in every workout.. She has energy (still loves to nap sometimes) and is a happier, less crankpants mama.


I can’t even tell you how much actual weight has been lost in these two photos because I don’t care. The scale doesn’t define me. These pictures & my brain do… #EatLiftBeHappy Ch. 3.. the saga WILL continue and I will try to update monthly! #XOXO