#EatLiftBeHappy ~ Ch. 1

by Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This post was meant to be published the first week of October, but I didn’t realize that I never posted it, so we’re just a little late.

Excuse me, wasn’t it JUST September 1st? I know it seems cliché to say “oh it flew by so fast” but really.. what happened to September? We’re in the final quarter of the year and it is blowing my mind. What it also means is that I’ve finished my first month of my new lifting schedule. Earlier in 2016 I coined my new journey #EatLiftBeHappy for multiple reasons (I needed to lift, I needed to get my eating on track, and I needed to be happy with life for a short summary). Do you think I stuck with it? HA, of course not. But, after completing a full round of Country Heat in August and trying to get into round 2, I just couldn’t keep going with cardio. Yes, I love Country Heat because it’s super fun, a great sweat, and I got pretty good results, but I just can’t with cardio. I remember seeing a post on Instagram or Facebook from my friend & macro coach Amanda and it hit me in that moment. I needed to get my shit together and start lifting, consistently. #EatLiftBeHappy was back.


I don’t know why I always give up lifting. It makes me feel stronger every single day. I don’t have to do cardio every day (just lift heavier and burn calories right? LOL). Most of all, it is the best type of exercise that women can do (yes, let that sink in and deal with it for a second Cardio Queen!!). Lifting doesn’t make you look like a man and it’s the best way to change your body bottom line. I guess I just fall into that “I’m bored, let’s do something different” mentality too often.

I wanted to lift again and I knew that ChaLean Extreme (“CLX”) was going to be the program for me. I haven’t done CLX in its entirety in probably 5 years. I’ve used a workout from the program here and there but not consistently. What I love the most about CLX is that there isn’t just a “leg day” or a “bi’s and tri’s day”. Chalene Johnson (creator of CLX) gets you lifting while working the legs, core, and bi’s for example all at the same time. The workouts are about 40 min and go by fairly quickly focusing on lifting heavy with low and slow repetitions. I’m not going along 100% with the schedule because I wanted to do a low intensity cardio & add PiYo so I have active rest days, but not just full out rest days. My schedule looked something like this: Lift 3 days, Cardio 1 day, PiYo / Yoga 1 day, Repeat. (Disclaimer: if you are going to start this program please follow the set schedule in the guidebook created by the trainer.)

I started my schedule on a Wednesday mid-September and finished the first rotation (CLX Burn phase) yesterday.   In that time, I missed only 1 day of workouts and had an actual rest day (okay, I was hung over from a wedding, I admit it). After being consistent with Country Heat in August and pretty much killing it in September I’m feeling damn proud of myself. I can tell that my strength is minimal right now and I was using low weights, but that’ll build over time and I’m not concerned over that. I didn’t want to push myself to do anything that would cause an injury when I was just starting. I cleaned up my nutrition quite a bit as well. I haven’t been tracking my macros yet because I wanted to get my mind right with intuitive eating before I went back to tracking, but I’ve been making better choices and eating fairly “clean”. I’ve also had Shakeology once a day to pack in more nutrients and vitamins.

I have not stepped on the scale since I started (I actually tried the other day but the battery is dead, perfect!). For measurements I’m going by the final measurements from my round of Country Heat that I completed the first week of September and I won’t be updating those until I finish the first full round of CLX end of November. The only pics I’ve taken are these quick ones just for a visual tracking.  (Side note, I am working on total body changes but while waiting for muscle to build the midsection pictures are the only ones I’ve taken.)




Overall I’m feeling great. I haven’t had more than 2 days of the “I don’t want to’s” which is surprising for me. I have cut back on alcohol quite a bit which I’ll talk more about in the next coming weeks here on the blog. That alone is obviously cutting useless calories that are hindering my body and metabolism and giving my body a break from having to recover all the time. I’ll be updating the #EatLiftBeHappy diaries once a month and share how things are going. But you can always follow the day-to-day journey on Instagram (I use #EatLiftBeHappy on all of my workout checkins) & my Facebook page. I do want to mention that even though I’ll be going by the program rounds I’ll be continuing round after round of this schedule indefinitely.   If you have any questions on this program or interested in getting started send me a quick email and we can chat!