DIY Detox Bath

by Saturday, May 24, 2014

Usually we like to go to bed all squeaky clean and feeling like we’re not “dirtying” up the sheets right? Last night I flipped the switch and went to bed a little warm, sweaty and totally relaxed.  After an incredibly busy day leading into an even busier weekend, all I could think about was putting my head on the pillow, but I needed a little de-stressor and relaxation.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a 4 lb bag of Epsom Salt and decided it was time to put this to use and tried out my very first detox bath.

What are the Benefits of a Detox Bath? detox_bath

A detox bath is quite possibly the easiest way to rid our bodies of toxins. Toxins are everywhere: the food we eat, the air we breathe, the medicines we take it, shampoos, soaps, makeup, the possibilities are endless.  Even the healthiest and most organic foods can contain some sort of toxin just from the air that it is grown in.  Detoxing the body is the best way to rid these toxins that can cause blockages within the body and really keep our bodies from doing it’s full intended job.  Detoxing out the toxins can also aid in building up the immune system and preventing sickness.

A detox bath forces your body to naturally flush out the toxins.

Detox baths not only help with restoring our body’s natural functions, but also reap the rewards of a relaxing bath.  Who doesn’t love the 30 minutes you can spend alone soaking right? (As a mom these very rare 30 minutes are quite possibly what heaven is like).

What are the Benefits of Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt can be found in any grocery, drug or retail store for fairly cheap.  I believe that I bought my 4 lb bag for around $2.00 at Walmart.  Epsom Salt can be used for a variety of reasons and here are some of the benefits:

  • Release & Flush Toxins
  • Ease muscle and joint tension
  • Relax & Relieve Stress
  • Relieve and Prevent Migraines
  • Increase oxygen into the body
  • Regulate Enzymes

Epsom Salt is absorbed into the body through the skin by osmosis.  Soaking in a detox bath allows the body to first take in the minerals for a and then flush toxins.  (Click here to read more about what Epsom Salt is and the variety of ways that it is beneficial).

DIY Detox Bath

For your DIY Detox Bath You Will Need:
  • 2 Cups of Epsom Salt
  • 1 Cup of Baking Soda
  • 3-5 drops of Essential Oils* (optional)
  • Jug of water (for drinking)

*I used ginger oil.  Ginger oil is known to help the body detox by cleansing and stimulating the body and to aid in the sweat process.  It also is very helpful in detoxing the body to help with digestion and circulation.

EpsomSaltHow to Draw Your Detox Bath:

Plan to have about 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time for your Detox Bath. Run your bathtub at a hot temperature. It is important that it is hot yet tolerable, you want to dissolve the Epsom Salt however you do not want to overheat yourself. (If you feel yourself getting dizzy or light headed place a cold wash cloth on your forehead or add cold water into the bath).  Add Epsom Salt and Baking Soda under the running water and swirl the water to help to dissolve the salt.  Add your essential oil under the running water.  Immerse your body up to your neck in the water, you want to have as much of your body under the water as possible.  Sit back and relax as much as you possibly can.  You can use this time to practice meditation, listen to soft music and practice breathing exercises.  (If you feel yourself getting too hot place the cold wash cloth on your forehead and breathe deeply through your nose and out of your mouth.)  Make sure that you have your big jug of water nearby because you want to stay VERY hydrated throughout your bath.  I personally drank 2 32 oz. cups of cold water during my 30 minutes in the bath.  If you skip the water it is likely that you will feel sick during and after your detox bath.

After 30-40 minutes remove yourself slowly from the bathtub.  Your body will not only be slippery from the oils, but  just went through a tough process while you were relaxing and needs time to recuperate.  If you can, wrap yourself in a towel and allow the body to continue to sweat out the toxins after your bath has finished.*  Do not use any shampoos, moisturizers or soaps after your bath because the chemicals will cause an opposite reaction through your skin.  Drink another cup of water and snuggle in for rest and rejuvenation.

*Do not be alarmed if your water has changed colors as it may turn a light to dark brown depending on the toxins that are released. 

Important Detox Bath Reminders

  • Hydrate before, during and after
  • Do not eat before or after
  • No chemicals, shampoos, or moisturizers after your bath
  • Breathe Deeply through your detox bath
  • Pay attention to how you’re feeling.  If at any time you are dizzy, light headed, or feeling ill, add cold water to your bath or a cold wash cloth to your forehead.

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