Date Nights & Grocery Shopping

by Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday nights are my nights to breathe and pretend I have no children! Just kidding, but really, every Thursday is date night with the husband; which is great because it has really made a HUGE difference in our marriage to have that time together each week.  My priorities and my goals are in line because I make sure that no matter what, I am not chatting, working, talking, playing, and frankly, I am doing nothing that isn’t directly connected with my husband on Thursday nights. 

The countdown is getting closer to the official beginning of date night and so far I have already had a text conversation with him that consists of “well, did you think of what you want to do?” “hm, nope did you??” it’s always the same thing.  I wish I was one of those crafty moms that had little ideas for things on the popsicle sticks in a mason jar, Pinterest shows those of us that have no time for things like that, how easier life would be if we did. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here trying to say, “ok, well if I get home by 4:10 I can get 40 min. of weight lifting in and a shower by the time that he gets home at 5:15, but look at all of the “Memorial Day Foods” that are on sale at the grocery store, and my luck if I wait until Sunday, then they’re going to be sold out of everything I need for the almost 3 year old’s birthday party.  Of course the grocery store on a Thursday evening after work is probably a nightmare that will take up a good hour and kick out my workout time, thus putting us another 45 min to an hour into our date time.

I feel exhausted remotely thinking about it. This is why it is so important to be good with time management.  I have all of the things that I need to do laid out perfectly by the time it will take me, it just comes down to actually getting them done.  I generally envy the stay at home moms that can have a leisurely breakfast with the kids and a cup of coffee and slowly get the kids ready to go out the door and have all of their coupons and everything ready to go to the store when they feel like it.  There’s no pressure to getting everything done in one day (ha, the stay at home moms are laughing at me right now hysterically).  What I mean by that is, the time doesn’t need to be exactly scheduled.  As a working mom, I never have enough time in the day for my personal activities because I don’t have the opportunity to pick any time of the day to hit the grocery store and it can be frustrating. And guess what? I’m not Suzie Home Maker, so I don’t do well with juggling household activities.

All this being vented out loud and I believe, I may have ruined my date night by snapping on my husband.  I think I’ll forget the shopping and go hit the weights, I need a stress reliever.

QOD: Do you schedule a certain time of day / week to grocery shop?