Countdown to Competition Meal Plan Results & Review

by Monday, April 13, 2015

What happens when you’re on Day 20 of a super strict 21 day meal plan and your day goes like this: Pancakes with real maple syrup, chips, salsa, & ranch, Michelob Ultra, and finish it off with some Miller Lites..? Yeah.. Not sure what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks? Check out these posts: Day 1, Day 9, & Day 14 to catch up!

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Countdown to Cancun Final

Photo Apr 10, 10 30 14 AMMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were ALL great days.  I had started to slack off a bit on the meal prepping though. (In all honesty that part REALLY sucks because I hate having to make multiple meals for multiple people).  There were definitely a couple days there where I know that I didn’t get all of my meals in or I had 2 Shakeology meals instead for a day because I missed a day of meal prep.  It truly is an exhausting process.  I missed eating a real meal with my family.  Because my meals were spaced every 2 hours, I would usually eat my dinner while cooking theirs and then again later after they were finished.  Though I would sit at the table with them for family time, it just wasn’t the same so that was pretty hard for me.

On Friday night we went out for a “fish fry” (I chose boiled cod with a side salad though I wanted to eat the shit out of the fried shrimps my husband was eating!).  That night at dinner he made a really good point to me that I think let me deter the rest of my weekend.  When I have a meal off of my plan,Photo Apr 08, 9 15 24 PM I get extremely sick (thinking back when I had the pizza on a Friday night and spent the entire night in bed sick to my stomach).  He asked me how I even remotely thought I would be able to go on vacation and enjoy the food I wanted to without being sick.  hm… Yep, that’s an extremely valid point. He suggested that I give myself a few days before we leave off of the plan so that I can ease myself into some nonchicken foods… Maybe I took the thought a little too far, or maybe I allowed myself to make excuses, or I just really didn’t want to do the meal planning for 2 more days, who knows.. point is Day 19 was my last “official” day on Countdown to Competition Meal Plan for me.

Saturday morning I was offered breakfast sausage and pancakes that I couldn’t pass up (I had been craving pancakes for days by the way).   Saturday afternoon after a little shopping a friend, I decided it was time for a drink and not just a glass of wine, I wanted a beer and a bloody mary, so I did… while we ate our chips and salsa snacks.  The night rounded out with Miller Lites with said friend and my husband for a little “celebration” of the sorts.  Point is, I’m a sucker for beer and I failed the Countdown to Competition plan by 2 days.

Countdown to Competition Meal Plan Results

Overall, I’m happy with the results that I did earn over the 19 of the 21 days that I stuck with it.  I lost a total of: 7 pounds, 3 inches in my waist, and 3 inches in my hips.  I can’t complain.  My final week obviously  didn’t go as planned so maybe it would’ve been a little better, but I’m the only one that could’ve changed that. I know that I can do better and I know that I can grow from here to change the way I live, eat and workout for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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Countdown to Competition Final Thoughts

The Countdown to Competition Meal Plan from the 21 Day Fix Extreme is NOT for the faint hearted and it is NOT the way that anyone should ever base their normal meal plan to eat on.  It’s designed to be temporary.  It can cause fatigue or boost energy, give you headaches or give you the best sleep ever, it can drive you crazy or love your body… It is going to change FOR EVERYONE.  My results are not something I would ever want anyone to base their decision on because a) I didn’t follow it 100% all the time and b) each person has a different way their body will adapt to this style of temporary eating.  There are so many emotions and feelings that came along with this plan for me that I’m going to save for a later post because they deserve their own story.  Did I see results? Of course, was I totally happy on the plan? Not a chance.  Will I do it again? I HIGHLY doubt it.

I’m ready to move in a new direction where I can really feed my body the foods that it needs to be fueled for great workouts (PiYO, Lifting & HIIT Cardio have been a GREAT schedule for me and I will continue to do the same).  But I won’t compromise the foods and drinks that I love anymore.  I have too many amazing things in my life that I want to celebrate in my own way, and I am not going to let the words “nope, I can’t eat that because of my meal plan” stop me from enjoying life anymore.

Want to Join My Challenge Group?

After reading all of this you’re probably thinking, what the hell would ever make me want to do that? I can’t be your only example, I have friends that absolutely LOVE this plan and see amazing results from it because of how their bodies react to high protein and they feel the best they’ve ever felt.

I love the meal plan because it’s simple, to the point and I know exactly what I need to fuel my body with each day to see the changes.  Since using this plan not only are my clothes fitting better but overall I feel accomplished and amazing that I haven’t let myself slip one bit because the results are the best gift.~ Jillian Campayno

Only YOU can decide if this is something that you want to take on! And if it’s not, that’s fine too because we have a whole slew of options for you to get started.  I want to have you in my next “Fabulous You 21 Day Challenge” where we focus on healthy eating, fitness, body and mind! It’s all about finding that flare back in your life and feeling FABULOUS in your body INSIDE & OUT! I would love to get to know you and set a plan in motion for you so please click here to fill out the application and I will get in touch with you directly through email.  We will work together to help you to feel FABULOUS!


Disclaimer: Reminder again that the Countdown to Competition Meal Plan is NOT a permanent meal plan.  Please consult a dr before you take on anything this extreme & listen to your body!