Countdown to Cancun (Day 14)

by Monday, April 6, 2015

I hope that you had a fabulous Easter Sunday! How about that Easter candy right? Yikes… I swear it’s everywhere I look.  Usually I choose to do healthy snacks and things for my kids, but this year Easter Bunny went on chocolate overload.  Which is totally fine, except for the fact that I just want it ALL in my belly!

Photo Apr 05, 9 12 10 PM

Make sure to check out this post then this post to catch up on my Countdown to Competition Meal Plan if this is the first time you’ve come across the blog!

Countdown to Cancun Week 2

Week 2 went MUCH better than Week 1 which is pretty fabulous if I do say so myself.  I got out of the sick to my stomach and headache mode Photo Apr 04, 2 12 35 PM thankfully.  I still did drink some sort of caffeine in the afternoon usually to keep myself going and deter the headaches on low carb days (usually going with a Tazo Chai Tea, black coffee or black Americano).  Overall I was feeling pretty good (totally sick of chicken and broccoli, but good).  Woke up later in the week feeling SUPER motivated by results.  I feel leaner, tighter and stronger.  I can definitely notice that my strength has gone up because I have been lifting heavier with ChaLean Extreme and totally RAVENOUS for more food!

I did not stay on point as much as I did with the first week.  The weekends are actually a lot harder for me and not because I want to eat everything in sight, but because of time and schedule . I pretty much locked myself in the house the first week to get on a set Photo Apr 02, 1 00 42 PMschedule of eating every 2 hours and then when I slept a little longer my schedule was all off.  So i do think that there were a couple days that I may have missed one of the meals throughout the day but stayed on point.  Friday night… YEP I ate pizza and let me tell you that this was not a super healthy, gluten free, all veggie no dairy pizza because to me, that’s not pizza.  This was a hometown, italian pizza crust with tons of cheese, sausage pepperoni, mushrooms and onions and it was GLORIOUS lol.  I gave myself a treat because I knew that I could keep myself under control and I did (okay maybe I’ve snuck a couple of pieces of Easter chocolate sssssh don’t judge me!).  Usually I would grab the left over pizza for breakfast or lunch or a snack later that night, but not this time. I had a few pieces, enjoyed it and moved on.  Then of course later that evening my stomach was less than impressed so it was easy to head to bed early and move on the next day.

Other than that, it’s been really good.  I’ve been on track, feel under control, not too crazy, but definitely READY to be done eating chicken and broccoli!!! aaaaaah 7 more days!

Countdown to Competition Meal Plan Week 2 Results

With the few little things here and there (schedule misses, Reese’s Eggs, and pizza) the results still ended up pretty great! Week 1 I was at 118.2 pounds, hips: 34″, Waist: 31″… And today I am at 113.2 pounds, 32″ at my hips and 28″ at my waist.  My core muscles are starting to peek back through (I refuse to say abs poking through until I actually SEE them in the front LOL) and I’m feeling amazing.


Photo Apr 06, 10 27 44 AM Photo Apr 06, 10 27 19 AM

One More Week!!!!

That’s it.. just one more week! We leave for Cancun on the 15th and I’m going to be feeling FAAAAAAABulous in Mexico and I plan to plant my butt in a bikini by the pool or on the beach ALL day! If you’re interested in signing up for my next Fabulous You Challenge group that will be beginning on April 20th (Countdown to Competition Meal Plan is NOT required) please click here to sign up!  My all time favorite program PiYO is on sale this month as well! Take a minute to check out my PiYO Results & Review Video then contact me for questions.

I’ll make sure to update final results of the 21 day Countdown to Competition Meal Plan before I leave for Mexico I promise!!!