Countdown to Cancun (Day 1)

by Monday, March 23, 2015

Well, you can sign me up as quite possibly the worst blogger ever. (Hanging head in shame).  I am pretty sure I spend way too much time thinking up blog ideas and then never posting them and not staying consistent with posting.  SHAME SHAME SHAME on me! So of course when I decided to tackle the Countdown to Competition meal plan from the 21 Day Fix Extreme,  I thought ya know what, this IS a good blog series.  Not only do I hope that it helps others out to get their meal prepping and planning together, but I’m going to NEED this to stay focused and accountable.  How many times have you seen me post about starting a new program or plan and then to fall off just a few weeks later? (I’ll answer – A TON!).  So I need this and I hope that it can help you out as well!

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Countdown to Competition Meal Plan

The Countdown to Competition meal plan from the 21 Day Fix Extreme seemed WAY over zealous for me because I know my lack of commitment falls apart from time to time.  However, with only 3.5 weeks until I leave for Cancun I find myself really NEEDING to get myself in check, because lets be honest, who wants to feel like a squishy meatball on the beach right? I’m currently in that “skinny fat” mode where I’m not overweight, but I’m definitely in the shape that i would like to be, so this is it for me and I am stepping WAY out on a limb to take care of this.  (If you’re interested in trying out the 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Plan, click here to get in touch with me.)

The Countdown to Competition plan focuses around a 3 week temporary nutrition guide that helps fitness and bikini models to prep for an upcoming competition.  21 Day Fix Extreme creator Autumn Calabrese follows this plan as she gets close to her competition (hence “Countdown to Competition” right?).  I will be honest I’m afraid of this because I struggle SO much with nutrition, but it’s also that fact of saying, ya know what I need this, I need a challenge to stay focused and committed.  I have done the 3 Day Fix (found in the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide) in the past and see really great results, so what the hell? Lets do this!

Countdown to Cancun Meal Prep Day

Today is Day 1 of my actual plan, but of course one of the BIG things that is important when you’re doing any sort of strict meal plan is to PLAN.  Sunday I took the afternoon to make sure that my food for a few days was cooked, portioned, and packaged so I have zero excuses when it’s time to eat.  Let me tell you, this was a feat in itself.  I have done major meal prepping when I did the 3 Day Fix, but I felt like yesterday everything just wanted to challenge me.  I’m on the lowest calorie rate (measured via the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition guide) so my countdown to competition plan is as follows:

  • 6 Reds (Protein)
  • 3 Greens (Veggies)
  • 1 Yellow (Carb)

On the noncompetition plan days I will follow:

  • 4 Reds (Protein)
  • 3 Greens (Veggies)
  • 2 Purple (Fruits)
  • 2 yellow (Carbs)
  • 1 Orange (Dressing)
  • 1 Blue (Fat)

Photo Mar 22, 6 54 52 PMThe Countdown to Competition Plan gives me 5 days, high protein, low carb and 2 days of higher carbs.  To keep my ultimate sanity (and give my poor family a break from the HANGRY mom) I’m going to do 4 days of high protein and 3 days of higher carbs, so I will be modifying a bit but staying pretty regular on the plan.

Meal Prep day I spent about an hour going through my containers, creating my plan and my shopping list, hit the grocery store and came home to cook! I didn’t realize what I was in for LOL.  Let me remind you I am NOT Betty Crocker.  I am probably the worst stay at home mom chef ever, but I make due.  I started with cooking my ground turkey with some Mrs. Dash & Salt Free Tony Chachere seasoning and got the chicken breasts on the grill (that was a breeze).  Next I made sure to steam all of my veggies and my sweet potatoes.  Last, I moved on to the fish (I chose cod over Tilapia).  I do not cook fish often, so my knowledge of cooking fish was very minimal, basically whatever Google could give me as a search result.  My filets were frozen, so I read that I could boil the frozen filets, GREAT.  Well, it was an ultimate disaster.  After almost a half hour of boiling, they just would not cook fully through.  I pulled them out of the water and decided to steam them through the end.  Now in the end, yep they sure do LOOK cooked, but now that I think about it I may be swapping that red for a Shakeology instead. I originally planned for 2 meals a day of cod, but after the cooking fails it came out to only 1 meal of cod a day and I’m just not sure I trust my fish cooking skills.  (Oops).  Lesson learned: next time, thaw the cod ahead of time and bake or grill it.

All in all my first REAL Meal Prep Sunday didn’t go over well, live and learn right? Since I’ll have 2 high carb days in a row (Wednesday and Thursday) I cooked enough for all of my meals for Monday and Tuesday and on Thursday I will do the other days for the week.  Meal Prep days for me will be Sunday and Thursday.  This really keeps it fresh because as much as we would like to do it all at one time, those foods cooked can get yucky and especially the veggies mushy after just a few days. I purchased some BPA free containers to use specifically for this meal prepping so everything is perfectly portioned, in the refrigerator and each container ready to eat right out of.  Which helps my sanity because tomorrow I think I’ll be traveling and shopping for the day so you can find me in my car eating out of a container like a crazy person!

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Follow my Countdown to Cancun Journey

For my own accountability I plan to journal / blog about this journey twice a week.  I’ll share the ups and the downs, the positives and the negatives, the beautiful and the ugly.  I will be open, honest and candid and will be held ACCOUNTABLE! If you would like to stay in tune with my journey make sure to enter your email in the subscription area on the right hand side of this page so that you can receive email updates on this journey.  If you’re interested in finding out more information on the 21 Day Fix Extreme or Countdown to Competition Plan please click here to send me an email!

Wish me luck and I hope that you’ll stick with me over the next few weeks on this journey and please do not forget to head to my Facebook Page and send me some good wishes along the way!


Please remember that this Countdown to Competition Plan is NOT a lifestyle every day meal plan.  It is a TEMPORARY plan to prepare you for an event or just pull all the work that you’ve been doing together.  I am not a nutritionist, I simply follow the Nutrition Guide from the 21 Day Fix and amend to fit my own lifestyle.  Please contact a nutritionist for exact nutrition guidelines necessary for you and a doctor to verify that you’re in good health for an extreme fitness and nutrition program.

3 Responses
  • Natalie
    March 23, 2015

    I look forward to following you through your countdown to cancun posts! I loved seeing your PIYO success and I look forward to watching you through 21DFX! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  • Brooke
    May 24, 2015

    Hi, I noticed that you didn’t lose your teaspoons or either of the meal plans… are you skipping them?

    • Brittnae
      October 12, 2016

      I used them, I just didn’t prep them through everything