Child Broken Wrist

by Thursday, May 31, 2012

My head has been spinning so fast it has been impossible for me to even have a moment to update on the injured 3 year old (or get to any of my posts regarding working from home and time management.. but this week sure made a point that will be discussed in the next installment).  If you didn’t read this then you’re going to be totally lost on the who what and how of the next story – so make sure you do that first!

We had an appointment scheduled with the family dr. at 3:15 on Tuesday the 29th.  At around 4:00 the P.A. finally comes in to touch the wrist, look at the wrist, and ask her if it hurt.  Prior to this I had to sit and listen to a 3 year old cry and complain that she just wanted to go home because we were locked in a patient room for 45 min. but, I sucked it up.  After a quick (and when I say quick, I mean less than 5 minutes) examination of the princess’s wrist she turned to look at me and said, “well, there may be a tweak in there but we will just have to decide with an X-ray.  Here are some orders, go down to registration (which will take another 45 min.) and then on to radiology for X-Rays.  We should have the results maybe by the end of the day tomorrow or by Thursday for sure.” I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and I gave her that “wtf are you talking about” look all at the same time.  My 3 year old may have a broken wrist, but we’ll just deal with it in a couple of days? I already feel like a terrible mother waiting 24 hours!!!! I went along with her plan and asked if there was something I should do with it in the meantime: “oh no, just give her some Tylenol if it’s painful, you don’t have to wrap it or anything like that”.  Now I’m fuming.  I walked out of there and right out to the car.  I didn’t even stop to register or ask about X-Rays. The 3 year old and I went straight to the car.

Following dinner my husband and I packed up the 3 year old and went back to the hospital around 6:30.  At least if we went into the After Hours Clinic or ED, they would x-ray and cast her right then and there.  We walked in and looked up at the “number screen” great, it’s on 30, we are 31 not too bad.  Except they weren’t on 30, they were on 22. Ah, after hours clinic, you win again.  By 8:00 almost everyone had cleared out and we were the last waiting to be seen.  (Side note, my kids will never play baseball or softball, I swear 10 kids in uniforms came in injured that night).  During this lovely wait, my “injured” 3 year old proceeds to run around the waiting room, picking up and moving chairs, trying to climb a bookshelf, and here I am going really? Why are we here??

Around 8:05, the dr. finally calls us in and I explain the situation: fell down the stairs the day before, great mobility, no bruising, no swelling, pain to touch.  She whisks us off to x-ray within 2 minutes and within probably all of 15 minutes she was back in to tell us the news.

See that tiny tiny little bend or chip in the wrist?? Yep, that’s our buckle fracture.  My 3 year old not only started her LaLaLoopsy and Barbie collections at 3, but managed to get her first broken bone.  I shouldn’t be surprised, I always knew that she was going to be the first one, she has ZERO fear. She is on Day 2 of her splint and actually doing better than I had imagined she would be.  She obviously had no pain in activity before the splint, so she isn’t showing any signs of it now either. Everyone goes, “well at least it’s her left hand” yeah, except she’s a lefty. (Collective awe man…) So she has been pretty frustrated when it comes to some things like eating and writing and has asked me in that tiny little girl voice to please take it off because her arm is okay now.  It totally breaks my heart, but we will forge on.

We have an appointment with the orthopedic clinic next week on Wednesday, so we will know then if we are going to continue another week or 2 with the splint of if we will go to a hard cast.  Not sure I want to see a hard cast on her because I’m pretty sure she would probably try to beat her brother with it.  This is going to be a true adventure! Wish me luck!!!

QOD: Have you broken a bone? If so, which one(s)???

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  • Jennifer Holtmann
    May 31, 2012

    My daughter had two buckle fractures (at least I think it was two) at her wrist from falling down two stairs at Grandmas. She ended up with a full pink cast above the elbow. She thought it was cool. She was maybe 4 at the time. Your daughter will be great. Just takes time.