Child Broken Foot

by Friday, October 19, 2012

Remember when THIS happened? I do because it was only about 5 months ago.  Well guess what. We are right back there with the SAME child. It’s not a joke.  (You must read through this entire post to get the FULL story of the scenario). We are coming up on week 3 with the cast. And as you can see she isn’t too concerned about it.  The only thing that upset her was the fact that AGAIN they did not have pink plaster to give her a pink cast, so she went with orange again, must be her 2nd favorite color.


This time was a completely different scenario than the wrist.  My son had a sleepover with a friend for his birthday and they all 16617_10100229996691987_823782136_nwoke each other up at 6:30 in the morning.  I heard my son come running and saying “mom mom Macy hurt her foot” and she came along behind limping and crying.  I figured that she just stubbed her toe or something because she is generally a little over dramatic, so I scooped her up and laid her in bed with me where we both fell back asleep until about 8:30.  Unfortunately, when we woke back up the minute her foot hit the floor she was crying and wouldn’t put weight on it.  From the wrist experience when she had ZERO pain and it was a break, I knew that this had to be much worse.  I kept asking her what she did and all she could get through tears is “I jumped off my bed and Hunter didn’t catch me”.  This was mind boggling to me because she is still in a toddler bed and there’s a mesh “rail” on the side, so it was hard for me to picture her jumping over the railing and then breaking her foot, especially when it’s only like 2 feet off the floor IF that.  But, that was her story and she was sticking to it.

After some ice and Motrin, we headed to the After Hours Clinic, again and all I could think was oh my gosh, they are going to send the Department of Human Services and Sheriff’s Department to question me because I’ve been in there with the same child for a broken limb.  Turns out I was freaked out over nothing.  Instead of the After Hours Clinic we were whisked right into the ER because she was still crying with pain and wouldn’t put any weight on it.  She continued to stick to her story and told all of the nurses and the X-Ray technician exactly what she did so I felt a little better hoping that I wasn’t going to be interviewed for child abuse that day! Of course after X-Rays it was confirmed, and this time it was not a buckle fracture – it was a full clean fracture in the foot.

The wrist was one thing and it was tough because she of course is a lefty and she broke her left hand so she struggled a lot with basic things like writing and eating, however the foot has been a REAL challenge.  We were sent home from the ER with a splint again and told to not let her put weight on it for 6 weeks.  Oh and the crutches they had were too big for a 3 year old.  So, you mean to tell me that I have a 3 year old that has a splint and cannot put weight on her foot for 6 weeks? Yeah ok, apparently these people hadn’t gone through a broken bone with a 3 year old, or even a super crazy active 3 year old!  The next day I called the doctor and immediately voiced my concerns about her age, activity level, and what am I supposed to do? We were in the next day with a walking boot cast.

The best part of this whole story is HOW it happened.  So remember her story was “I jumped off my bed”? The night that it happened I was laying her in her bed and she sits up and says “mommy I jumped off THAT bed” as she is pointing to the CHANGING TABLE that is in her room (it holds her toy bins to keep things organized).  I looked and it’s like 4 feet off of the ground.  Sure enough I called my son in to verify and he said “yep, she jumped from here”.  Shaking my head.  I seriously cannot win with this child!

Advice to any parents that may be going through this:  Try to keep them as immobile as possible if in a splint.  The splint is just not going to be the best protection for it.  SPONGE BATH! If you have a girl with a broken foot and she cannot take a bath obviously, telling mine that it’s like going to the salon has been a HUGE hit.  She lays on the counter and lets me wash her hair and everything without argument and actually things it’s pretty cool to “bath” in the sink!  Use old mismatched adult socks to cover up the toes if you’re in cold weather or to let him/her go outside and get some fresh air.

This cast has NOT slowed her down one bit.  I have even witnessed her jump off of furniture.  Back in that original post with her wrist, I mentioned that this child is going to be the death of me and she is proving me right step by step.  We are going to be heading in to see the doctor next week and hopefully have it removed for good, however with the way she walks / runs on it there’s a chance it could not be fully healed and back to a cast for a few more weeks.  Hopefully this time they’ll have pink. #wink

If you at any time have any questions about having a child with a broken foot or wrist or anything else and would like to ask some questions on things that I’ve been going through and dealing with please do not hesitate to ask! I’m an open book and I would love to help.

QOTD (answer in the comments below): What is the best way to keep a child injury free?